If only.. | Reviewer: David | 8/6/14

If only they found a way to incorporate the new elements into the song. They (the new elements) have really complex names, like Ununoctium e.t.c. It would make the song even funnier.

re iritated 5/19/14 | Reviewer: poor Student | 7/1/14

I know what you mean, however this song was written more than 50 years ago... Not only have several more elements been discovered, but to include them in the song now would require a complete rewrite, 3 or 4 extra verses, and about 3 years additional work n to make sure it scans properly... That's saying nothing of whether man-made elements should be included our just the naturally occurring ones... There's often a reason you don't mess with the classics... Is like rewriting Wacko's countries of the world song to include North and South Sudan, the channel islands, plus however many countries have either gained independence or change their name since the early 1990s...

Wicked! | Reviewer: Alpha | 6/29/14

I laughed so hard when I found this song, it's awesome! My Science teacher said that when we learn about the elements she'd play this song, and I'm looking forward to it :D Well done Mr. Lehrer, you made a good song :)

marge | Reviewer: the memories | 5/27/14

I remember my chemistry teacher used to play that song and now that I saw a quote from Google I searched it up and brought memories from then ..... its funny and fast though

Irritated | Reviewer: Minions | 5/19/14

I have always loved this song, but I am disappointed by the fact that many new elements are not included in this song. Well....not exactly disappointed, more irritated really. When I was younger I thought it would be cool if included sing this song in my head during a science test and ace it, but though I now know there is more to a test than that, I have still clung to that fantasy that this song was wholesome and holy. I have worshipped it and thought it awesome....UNTIL I learned that it was missing some parts. *sniffle*

love it so funny | Reviewer: singer | 5/1/14

so funny lol. the last part: there's earth and air and fire and water. totally made me laugh. though I'm only like gr.4 I always wanted to know how to mem. the periodic table. addicted to this song love it love it love it! btw, u guys should see the new math song

The best song i ever heard!!!!!! | Reviewer: Da Science Lover | 3/30/14

As soon as I heard this song it got stuck in my head. I sing it every day in the morning and whenever I am bored. This is probably the best scientific song that I ever heard!!!!!!

BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Love Science | 3/30/14

This is the most catchy and amazing song. The first time I heard it I fell in love with it. All I can say is that this is the best scientific song. The first time you hear it it is very hard to follow along, even with the lyrics, but when you keep hearing it and practicing you start to memorize it little by little.

I would rate its song 11/10.

I'm in it for the chocolate | Reviewer: Sasha | 2/22/14

My science teacher told us that she will buy boxes of chocolates and who ever can stand up and sing the whole song in front of the class by the end of the term gets one. I've already memorized the first verse

Less than sixty seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Superman | 1/31/14

Man once I heard this song I fell in love with it! I began singing it at school and all my peers are asking me if those are even words! And yes, the title is appropos to how fats I sang it! Someone, please break my record of less than a minute!

So hard | Reviewer: MeMyselfAndI :P | 1/9/14

Even just reading the words my tongue gets tripped up lol.. Glad we aren't having a competition in our school. I don't sing. Like at all. Well I do at home, but...yeah. And I like genetics so much better than this stuff but it is pretty awesome. If any of my nerdy friends see this.. Hi! If this is Sophie..

Working on it... | Reviewer: Potato | 12/17/13

so our science teacher is giving us 2 weeks to memorize this for extra credit. so my friend (super smart) MEMORIZES IT THE NEXT DAY AND RECITES IT TO U HER IN THE MORNING. Still working on it during winter break... wish me luck :/