Love this song | Reviewer: Thenintendoguy2013 | 8/5/13

I only discovered Tom Lehrer yesterday but have this song and "we will all go together when we go" on my iPhone. Don't know it of by heart but can still sing along and IM ONLY 12!!!!

I love this song! MUST MEMORIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Yes.....I am a nerd....So? | 7/8/13

I love this song so much! Even though the elements hold little interest to me (I'm more of a biology type of girl), I will definitely finish memorizing it! I can sing it mentally, but my tongue gets tripped up when I try to sing it....
My friend already can sing it, though, and he holds it over my head. I HAVE TO LEARN THIS!
And, just in case any of my nerd friends visit this site (Which I wouldn't be surprised....) Q!!!! And I lost the game.

gr8 song | Reviewer: sharonn | 6/24/13

ok,i can't learn the song. and im a total and complete NERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but my mom showed it 2 me ,like,4 months ago,i thought it was cool,so now im doing it 4 the school talent show next yr.!!!!!!!!!! woot-woot!!!!!!!!!

I'm am a (pretend) Tom Lehrer the II | Reviewer: Jaayvin | 6/3/13

I have memorized and planning to post it on youtube. It's mot that hard once you watch this song 50-100 times over the course of 3 years. It's easy.

I do five steps to memorize it:

1. Be a fan of Tom Lehrer
2. Interpret the song
3. Watch it for a course of 1-3 years or so.
4. Make sure to personally recite if you are ready
5. Wala! you are now officially a master of The Elements

Good | Reviewer: Meredith | 6/3/13

i like this website and the tings it produces. I especially like the elements song as i am doing something with it at school. it is also useful for homework and other stuff. Thank you

Oh lord | Reviewer: Jaaaane | 5/23/13

Actually such a catchy song, it's a shame that I don't know the lyrics.
I'll be printing it out and sticking it on my wall to learn! Tom Lehrer obviously was a very talented man. :) Sickest song, thanks heaps for this. They'll all call me nerd, don't even care.

Pi and. Elements | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/13

This song is very tricky to learn, but then again, I am going to somehow memorize it because I am one of those weird people. Just like pi, as of today, I have the first 28 digits memorized...

Nice | Reviewer: Anotherharrypotternerd | 4/17/13

Nice to know, but I think it is more useful to memorize the elements in order. (I know the periodic table up to dysprosium in order.) Also, it would be good if there was a version with the British spelling and emphasis 'al-u-MIN-i-um' which has an extra 'i'. As for the missed out elements 103-118, I don't really care about them!

Awesome! | Reviewer: Maria | 4/7/13

If anyone wnats a more updated versio, add this right before, "These are the only ones..."

There's borium, lawrencium, livermorium rutherfordium
And darmstadtium, flerovium, seaborgium, meitnerium,
And capernicium, roentgenium, ubniu, finally hassium

I've memorzed this and can sing it mentally but I have trouble pronouncing all of the words! Tom Lehrer is very talented.

I'm a weirdo | Reviewer: A | 3/14/13

Ugh! This is so hard to memorize.

Wait... why am I trying to memorize it in the first place?!? Because I'm a weirdo. I don't have to memorize this song- I don't even have to memorize the periodic table. And yet I want to. The most I can get is the first two verses- but then I space out. AHHHHHHHHH

=D | Reviewer: That_One_Gal_Yashi | 3/9/13

OMG this song is >>>>> all =D !
I memorized it, showed it to my science teacher.
Then he showed to the class and now like EVERYONE knows this song in my class. Me and my friends are obsessed with this!

You silly little Tom Lehrer =D,
THANK YOU. You teached me the elements. And I didn't know any elements before but now I know all of them! Thank you for finding a creative way to teach us!

i loved it | Reviewer: kalpana | 3/9/13

this song is indeed a boon for me for helping me to learn these elements which was actually a very tough task.
so thanx Tom Lehrer.
Now i've learned all of them.#
That's a really nice one.
thanx again.