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Performed by Tom Lehrer

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Me no speask engrish | Reviewer: Lin Hang | 11/13/12

Me no spreask engrish, but me like dis songg. Ity so fun. I like the sun on canada. I am heallthy. Goodbi! I like pi, me a riter too. Here my poem: Lu Kang, Wing chun, cghop suey.

an infinitinium attraction | Reviewer: Garrett Dockins | 11/12/12

me, being a HUGE geek and nerd, absolutely love this song, not for the stereo type or anything, but i am just, for some reason, drawn to it with an unbelievable desire to learn it. i do get extra credit for learning it, but even if i wasn't getting extra credit i would still try and learn it!

Wow. | Reviewer: charfan | 11/8/12

This song is amazing, but not because my science class has to memorize it. It's amazing because someone can pronounce all those words in a matter of one or two minutes.
O_O Yeah....
I'm horrible at memorizing things, so I'm going to fail at this!

I can only do it in 1 minute :13 seconds! Aggghhhh! | Reviewer: is my name not yours | 10/30/12

Hi i'm bob bob, i'm in year 8 now as well and I think the other person in 8th grade is in in Thomas mores as well because miss anonymous use to play it as we Tide up the class room.


Science challange | Reviewer: Nate The Not So Great | 10/18/12

Well my science teacher told us instead of taking a final we could memorize this song and sing it in front if the class and automatically get a 100% I got this assignment yesterday and I have until Wednesday of next week. With me luck...

:-) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/12

My grade nine science teacher challenged us to memorize this song and if we did we'd get a 5% higher mark (extra credit) and he also said that the last person to memorize it took 3 months. Well I'm gonna do it in under a week... only been at this for 1/2 an hour and already got 1/3 of it memorized :-)

Mistake? | Reviewer: Hal | 10/17/12

I think he makes a mistake about half-way through. He says, "Isn't that interesting?" And then he says, "I knew you would," which sounds non-sequitur to me, possibly part of another joke he forgot to say. Tom Lehrer has made some lyrical mistakes in live performances in the past -- wonder if that's the case here as well?

I love this song | Reviewer: Chelsea | 8/18/12

Our school has been told by our head of science (my teacher) that if we memorise the song and sing it to her correct and in tune, she will give us 10 blocks of family cadbury chocolate or a $40 ITunes gift voucher.... i don't think she thinks that anyone will be bothered to learn it.... well, she can think again!

I memorised it in a weekend. :P

it is hard | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/12

I saw Daniel Radcliffe sing this song and I just wanted to memorize it for fun. ITS HARD. Idk why I guess because all the words sound the same. Sooner or later I know I will memorize this. Toil bad I am not in chemistry anymore.

hope :/ | Reviewer: bear | 6/3/12

ive had this memorized for a while and im going to ask my science teacher tomorrow if she will give me extra credit for it!! we heard it at the beginning of the school year and i immediatly got it on my ipod so i could learn it and now the third verse is all cleared up for me so i have the nerve to go up to my 8th grade science teacher :)

- | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/12

This song is very amusing and I feel obliged to learn it plus it is very easy to learn and very simple I think I will be able to handle it and anyway I've already learned half just by reading it so the rest should be fairly simple.

trying to keep the meter and rhyme in Tom Lerher's style
The last words "ad infinitum" intentionally misspelled to force the rhyme and plays on the mispronouncation of "discovered" in the original.


And hassium, lawrencium, seaborgium, and dubnium,
roentgenium, darmstadium, and also rutherfordium
And then there’s copernicium, meitnerium, and bohrium
And recently flerovium and also livermorium
And nameless ones ununtrium and also ununpentium
placeholders ununseptium and also ununoctium
the first one in the next row would be known as ununennium
then patterned unbinilium and thus ad infinitium

Against the odds | Reviewer: Sam | 3/31/12

My friends bet me a fairly impressive sum (at school age anyway) to memorise this in a week. I did it in 4 days, and they never paid up. That was 8 years ago now, and I still remember 70% of it. True story.

So since everyone knows the lyrics are a little outdated, I took it upon myself to write in the elements discovered since that time, and slot them in without changing any of Lehrer's work. I know it's nowhere near as clever as Lehrer's lyrics, but here is what I came up with:

Theres Hassium, Seaborgium, and also theres Darmstadium
Flerovium, and Dubnium, And also Rutherfordium
Lawrencium, and Bohrium, as well as Roentgenium
And also Livermorium, Copernicum, Meitnerium

I placed it right before "there's Sulfur, Californium,..."

too bad nobody will ever hear my hard work...

Wow! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/12

I never knew that there was "These are the only ones of which the news has come to Harvard,
And there may be many others, but they haven't been discovered." It is a surprise. Did YOU take the time to write this?

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