Memorizing! | Reviewer: Person | 12/17/13

In Science, we're going over the Periodic Table and I just love it! Nobody has asked me to memorize it, but being the competitive person I am, I've decided to challenge myself to learn this! So, next year, if I take Chemistry, I'll (hopefully) be a little ahead of everyone! (: Thanks Tom Lehrer and Sing365 for producing the song and giving us the lyrics! (Listening to the song and writing down the words wasn't very helpful.) Peace out!

great song | Reviewer: haiden | 12/15/13

I am the only one in my school to sing this harry podder can do it I said I can to I did and now I sing all the time because people want to see if it is true now the song I sing made me a cool person

I am sad | Reviewer: Ann Marie | 11/4/13

I want to sing Harry Potter in 99 seconds, I can write it down, but I can only song it if I take one minute pauses in between. My doctors have said I'll never be able to sing... But I can! My mommy told me that people with cystic fibrosis only live till they are maybe 20- 30 years old. I want to live long, if you know anyone with this disease encourage them! Look to fix it! I guess I have 20 years to live, the doctors say if I'm lucky. I am 9 now, I am sad

From Ann Marie | Reviewer: Ann Marie | 11/4/13

Please help me pray for my friend, her mom made her move to Ethiopia all by herself!! Oh publishers of this company, let this be on here, because I want my friend to be well, not sick o sad... She is 10, one year older than me. If many people pray for her, she will get better, hr broken heart and soul healed, right? Memorizing the elements song won't help her! So every time you are able to memorize one more verse of this song, pray to my friend: pray for her well being, her soul be saved. I can't even memorize songs right now, my throat hurts. But I am still praying for her. Thank u everyone!!! Please respond with: we prayed for your friend, god bless her. If u prayed for every verse u memorized.

element song | Reviewer: ninjaboy5827 | 11/4/13

this song is amazing i have been lerning it for i while now and almost got the whole thing. for anybody thats thinking about starting to learn it or has already started it gets easier once you have learned 15% of it iu would say

well. . . | Reviewer: Lucy | 11/2/13

I am in the process of memorising it, and currently i am in marathon of memorisation, so i'm trying to learn this, the verses of the horrible histories kings and queens song, pi, the nations of the world by animaniacs and the periodic table order version of the elements. . .

I memorized! | Reviewer: Ann Marie | 10/19/13

Hello I'm Ann Marie. I just turned nine a day ago: ) I memorized this song in two days from YouTube, my mommy says it must be easy for me because I take 8th grade algebra in third grade. I am going to a spelling bee today, I am scared but also happy! One of my easiest words was Pseudepigraphy, which ummm... Oh yes it is a bit like plagiarism, that's it! I hope you can memorize thus song soon:) The only hard thing is that I used to live in Spain, so it is hard to pronounce some words. Now I live in California. I have systic vibrosis, so it is hard to breathe when I sing. I am sorry I am ranting! Bye guys and good luck=)

hmmm...My teacher is Awesome! :D | Reviewer: NO NAME | 10/18/13

hahaha...I'm practising it right now!!!!My Science teacher challenged us to memorize it..and GUESs WHAT???!!!She knows this and memorize this song!I SWEAR! :)
She's so good and she sang it on our class... :)

Elemental | Reviewer: Silvery_Blue_Flames | 10/11/13

My Chemistry teacher showed this to us on Tuesday and told us that if we could memorize this song and sing it to her completely that she would give us a whole lot of extra credit. I'm goin' to myself, OK, I've memorized Viva las Vegas from CSI something but i managed to memorize the whole song. right now i'm writing it down and i'm gonna be singin' it to myself over the next few days, maybe two weeks. it only took me one maybe two days to memorize the other one so why not. i'll also be able to torture my best friend with it too. hehehehehehehe, hahahahahahhahahaha!! this'll help alot with memorizing it.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Arya Windhollow | 10/8/13

My friend told me about this, and I decided to memorize it. Was pretty easy, I've memorized harder things. This is a super cool song! Lots of people should totally learn it! I'm only 11, about to turn 12, and I know it already. If you know it you're awesome!

Wow. | Reviewer: Riha Z. | 9/25/13

My teacher showed my science class and me The Element Song and she said that if one of you learns this song over the course of this year, the person will be able to throw a cream pie in her face. I already knew the song (being the nerdy person that I am :^)
before she showed the class, so I thought that I could totally sing this song by June.

Gotta learn it! | Reviewer: Emily the Person | 9/9/13

My teacher said 'I bet none of you can learn this by the end of the year' I was like 'Challenge Accepted' If I successfully do it then I'll post my method for others that want to learn it!