I love this song! | Reviewer: Carolina | 10/3/12

This song is amazing! The rhymes fit perfectly together and it is so funny! Tom Lehrer is such a beautifully twisted person, not unlike myself! For all those people who are offended by this song, it is meant to be taken lightly. It's not like Tom Lehrer actually went out every Sunday and poisoned pigeons! I love this song!!!

Amazing | Reviewer: Ande | 1/16/12

This was the first Tom Lehrer song I found, and now I love him. This song is hilarious and every time I burst out singing it in school I get more and more people to join in. This man is a genius XD

It's just a song! And a funny one at that | Reviewer: Anon | 1/24/10

To all those people who are offended by this song relax
It's just a song and not meant to be taken seriously
This is known as macabre humour
He's not suggesting that people should really poison pidgeons.
A very good song one of my favourites.

Meh, come on... | Reviewer: Nameless | 10/17/09

It's just a song! It's great and pretty funny. You guys are all crazy getting all upset about a SONG... which doesn't mean they're really poisoning pigeons in any park... You should get a life, before saying foolish like: you should be poisoned instead of birds ¬_¬

It's a joke | Reviewer: Tom | 6/15/09

This song is very humorous because it sings about a very morbid subject in a joyful, joking manner. It is expected to be taken as such. A joke. Tom Lehrer does not actually spend his Sundays feeding pigeons poison and all those pigeons posting comments (or you pigeon sympathizers out there) need to realize this. Nobody has ever replied to the old joke, "Why did the chicken cross the road," with an astonished, "Are you insane!? Why would a chicken cross the road!? It could be run over!" Have you?

Awsome | Reviewer: Empy | 10/8/08

I can't wait to preforme this song in school.
1. Because the students don't think I can pull it off but if I pulled red shoes with tom waits off I'll pull this one off to!
2. It's funny and I see myself with a peanut bag on stadge singing about poisoning those non existing pigeons... I assume they will be dancers XD

OMG! | Reviewer: NaZ rAt | 4/1/08

this is such a funny song. i cant wait to perform it at the singing eistedfords i think the song is very cool everyone in my singing class cracked up when they hearn i cant WAIT to sing it oh and for thoose who think its barbaric lighten up its not real just a bit of funny humor desiened to make ppl like you see the humourous side of life. enjoy!

GET OVER YOURSELF | Reviewer: kayley | 3/2/08

this is a hilarious song. it's melody make it seem like a pretty song and then it takes the audience by surprise. its nonsensical and brilliant. if ur obsessing over killing overpopulated pigeons, get over yourself and think about ppl who are dying. its not like pigeons really care about the song.

Your twisted | Reviewer: none of your business | 2/5/08

I think u should b poisend and see how u like it. Ya thats what i thought, you wouldnt would u. I also dont think well maybe your family would like it either. So heres what i think i think u should STOP poisining these BEAUTIFUL creatures before someone poisions u k and no thats NOT a threat

Brilliance! Sick, twisted, perhaps... but brilliant! | Reviewer: Noah Brown | 2/8/08

I am a child of 15, and have recently been introduced to Tom Lehrer by word of mouth. The rhymes are very catchy and not the least bit forced.... trust Tom Lehrer for that. ("Cyanide" and "run-and-hide", for example.) It is what I call "dark humor"- morbid and macabre, yet everyone takes it lightheartedly. The song is not intended to encourage the systematic slaughter of pigeons.... :-). Being a singer myself, I have performed this on several occasions. Combine a happy, carefree tune, the universal love of spring, and a maniacal narrator who enjoys slaughtering pigeons, and you have a mix of genius and hilarity that only great artists like Tom Lehrer can create. (And did I mention that he is a brilliant pianist? If you haven't heard it performed, search for it on You Tube and you will most likely find some interesting results.)Don't take it too seriously- just enjoy it while it lasts.

coooool | Reviewer: molly | 1/27/08

i think that it is a very funny song its funny mad and diffrent. Some peole have said its sick, well they need to lighten up. ITS A JOKE for goodness sake (its not as if pigens can hear it any way.

ahem | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/08

all you animal rights people need to stop being so focused on that and start focusing on your education..to the people that find this funny you almost have it.. this song is completely satirical and if you didnt know that than you are an idiot.

Poisoning Pigeons in the Park | Reviewer: Frank Fasano | 12/18/07

From the first time I heard this song (in the early 60's) and the entire album for that matter; I was convinced, Tom Lehrer was not only brilliant but an entertainer who’s style and songs will never grow old. Hell it is now more than 40 years later and I am still purchasing copies of his albums to share with friends of mine spanning ages from the early 20’s to the late 60’s. Everyone enjoys his lyrics as well as his piano accompaniment. For those who may be offended by his lyrics, grow up and relax. For those who are offended, too bad and I guess you can always listen to Lawrence Welk.

I love it | Reviewer: Link6616 | 9/28/07

It's a wonderful song. I sing it all the time. Tom at his best. Also makes my appreciate my 13 year pidgeon alot more.

GREAT! :D | Reviewer: Suzanne | 9/8/07

Ghehe.. bloody brilliant! So funny!!
Dear Megan,
I doubt anyone will go off to poison pigeons in the park *tune plays in my head*..
Do you really think that? Do you? 'Cause if you do, you should get out more often and review you people skilz ;)(forgive me my grammar, I'm dutch..)