Cool!!! | Reviewer: Hana | 9/8/07

I love this song! I heard it the first time at school in the class of my english teacher. It's a genious song. Great rhyming! I like his other songs to nut this one is really the best!!
(don't mind my grammar, I'm Dutch)

LOVE IT!! | Reviewer: De Caye | 8/25/07

Nobody is seriously going out and killing birds... it's just a really outrageous song and super funny! ;-D

LOVE IT!! | Reviewer: De Caye | 8/25/07

Outrageously funny song!
It doens't mean they're really going out and killing birds.
Sheesh! lol ;-D

Calm down | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/07

I can tell you whats wrong and whats right. Being 13 as well (14 really but hey). Whats wrong is believing that god PUT these things on this Earth. Also, calm down for god sake, it's only a song. I think you should lighten up a bit and have a laugh about it. You don't honestly think that something that inhumane would possibly be true do you? By the way i'm a meber of greenpeace and the RSPCA, so i have a fairly strong veiw on animal rights. I think It's a very funny song, with lots of wit and clever rhyming. Job well done Tom.

Poisoning Pigeons | Reviewer: Megan Kathleen Womack | 7/4/07

I am a child of 13 and I raise pigeons. I've been raising pigeons for over 9 years now.I think this somg is childish stupid wrong and any ther bad names I can come up with. This song is written on an inhumane subject and you should be ashamed. I think theat pigeons are beautiful creatures that god put on this earth and he would not like you writing petty things about his animals.I know I'm only a kid of 13 butI know whats wrong and whats right, and this is wrong.

Tom Lehrer | Reviewer: Ingmar | 3/8/06

Poisoning Pigeons In The Park is one the best Tom Lehrer songs in general and as well one the best songs of the genre. And one the best songs I ever heard. It's the only song in the world I lauhght every time I hear it, no matter how many times.