Reviews for National Brotherhood Week Lyrics

------Performed by Tom Lehrer | 02/28/2005 11:00:00 AM

National Brotherhood Week: a timeless classic

"Be kind to people who are inferior to you, its only for a week so have no fear, be grateful that it doesn't last all year!"

This goes right along with another bit of Lehrer brilliance in describing "do-gooder" hypocrisy: "The nicest thing about protesting something is that it makes you feel so good."

It seems that the very people that are often screaming the loudest about "intolerance" are the most intolerant themselves. They're smarter than you, and better than you, and are entirely able, without the slightest reservations, to tell you what you should do. Just don't do as they do, because their shortcomings are forgivable and others aren't.

Thus these Lehrer lyrics, among many others, have a timeless quality, that remind us that many American-style protests reveal far more sad truths about the protestors than the targets of the protests.

Thanks to Gary Neidhardt for submitting the review.