Hypotenuse | Reviewer: John Davison | 3/9/11

My earliest Tom Lehrer LP, that I bought in 1955 and still have, has Ingrid Bergman playing psrt of hypotenuse. Itwas recorded much earlier, not very long after her notorious affair with Roberto Rossellini.

Correction on actress in "Lobachevsky" | Reviewer: Danny Ginsburg | 2/27/11

I have an LP which has this song "Lobachevsky" but in it Tom Lehrer sings "Doris Day playing part of hypoteneuse" (as opposed to "Brigitte Bardot" who you have listed). I don't know if there were multiple versions but that's the one on the record I have.

Izvestia | Reviewer: Curt Hoffman | 8/31/08

The lyrics are all fine, but the second footnote has missed the point. In German, the phrase "Ich geh' wo der Kaiser geht zu fuesse" (an exact translation of the Russian) refers to the lavatory - to which the king, accustomed to being carried everywhere else, presumably had to go on his own feet. (No wonder the Izvestia review concludes, "It stinks!")