Thank You | Reviewer: caralee | 11/29/07

Like Toby's dad, my dad also served in the military (USMC)for 20 years. Like evryone I remember where I was on that day in '01. To the gentleman in the service that thinks this songs shows blind patriotism!! Please think again. Everytime that I hear this song I thank my and every other solider for my freedom. It's because of them that you can say the things that you said aabout this song. And to Toby if your dad is still alive please tell him that I said a big Thank You for your service to our country

blind patriotism | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

I agree. This song embodies blind patriotism. Open your eyes. Yes, I can speak, because I AM a soldier and right now I AM in Baghdad. Toby Keith can go to hell, until he fights in this "war." The people that listen to this song and feel a sense of pride are the same people that (1) voted for bush (2) support the war (3) don't know anything/give a damn about the current economic situation (the war costs $500,000 per MINUTE.. one days worth of the funds spend would provide a YEAR of healthcare to 4,000,000 children)... ok, I'll stop. Don't say anything, either, because I know all this first hand... I am a damn soldier in Baghdad! To hell with you, Toby Keith! Right on "jake the snake!"

Jake The Snake sucks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/07

Yeah, you're the only moron here, hippie. But what do I know, you're probably way more famous and smarter than Toby Keith, who according to you, is a third grader. One thing we all agree, he's way more successful and patriot than you'll ever be in your entire life.

The only thing that is unpatriotic here is that we allow liberal fags like you to breathe free air here in America. Do yourself a favor, and move to Iraq, if you think that they're the victims. They'd probably cut your head off with a hacksaw, while you're bitching about the troops being violent.

God bless America and the ones who fight to keep your sorry ass free and alive, you ungrateful little bastard. Support our troops and God bless Toby Keith. No go listen to your Dixie Chicks, you douche.

Live | Reviewer: Dave | 10/10/07

I have been to alot of concerts over the years...and this was the best song I have ever heard live in my life..

Dumb | Reviewer: Jake the Snake | 10/5/07

These are the dumbest lyrics ever put to paper. Who wrote these, a third grader? Or maybe they were written FOR a third grader. My cat could write better than this, and he probably wouldn't use so much end-rhyme.

It's unpatriotic to enjoy writing as bad as this. If you enjoy this song, you should enjoy a beating by the, uh, what do you call them, "towelheads"? God bless the U.S.A., morons.

Thank you | Reviewer: Miss T | 9/18/07

This song, for me, embodies what it is to be an American. I love our troops and I love our country. GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing | Reviewer: A 14 yr old | 8/24/07

This is truely an invigorating song. Everytime I listen to it I feel empowered with patriotism. Some people say Toby Keith is a pirate using fear for his songs. I don't believe it and you should not either. Nothing gives me more pride in this country like patriots like Toby Keith. I say all this is an Oklahoman and more importantly as an American. To Toby Keith: Thanks

I'm loving this song | Reviewer: | 8/12/07

This song is great. It shows how much we will stand as one and will never back down for a bunch of terrorist that attacked us. it makes me look back into 9/11 on that day when my dad was just in a navy and had to stay in the coast for the whole week because of bunch of terrorist who attacked wtc, pentagon, and in air while I'm in my 2nd year in AJROTC. (What's up with that??) I thank toby for singing this song to boost up my pride and now that my dad is in a region of iraq keeping us free. God bless.

GREATEST SONG EVER!!! | Reviewer: Maria | 6/4/07

This is like one of the best songs ever its so true good job Toby Keith! ;)

I love this song | Reviewer: Alexandria | 5/24/07

I am only 15 and I am a very CONSERVATIVE PERSON
!!!!!!I love this song very much becuase it talks about how the U.S. will not take any crap from these "towelheads" All they can do is plot terrorist attcks behind our back because they are not strong enough to face us. Terrorists who attack our country should immediately be killed and we shall not show them mercy. This song sings about how the conservatives are going to domonate the liberal way and we will not give up becuase America is the best country in the world. I am proud to say that I am a citizen to this country. My father was in the military and the Iron Worriors man team and taught me how to stand up and show my respect to America. My favortie colors are RED, WHITE AND BLUE. So all of you tree hugging liberals can shove it and if the liberals do not like this song they can die because this is the greatest song ever made. I love you Toby Keith at least you know how to show those terrorist whos boss. I would chop off a finger before I betrayed this country. I LOVE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!