crazy people | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/11

If you are against the war you are crazy. we need to rid the world of these people. I served 6 years in the military and i would not have left but i was injured and had no choice. but all i have to say is we need to destroy the middle east and all who live there...turn that sand filled country into a glass parking lot...screw allah and muhammad both

Re ignorant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/11

This song has absolutely no relevance to the War in Iraq. This was released in july of 2002 prior to entering Iraq so that sucks for you idiots arguing about Iraq. Toby keith is the man supporting the ones who keep us free. Haters gonna hate.

But if you do feel like dissing the war in Iraq here are some quick facts for you. We attacked on a matter of nation security. They were given 90 days to either present their weapons or show proof of their destructions because Iraqi officials including the son of Hussein admitted to having

* That in the years immediately prior to the first Gulf War, Iraq produced at least 3.9 tons of VX, a deadly nerve gas, and acquired 805 tons of precursor ingredients for the production of more VX.

* produced or imported some 4,000 tons of ingredients to produce other types of poison gas.

* produced 8,500 liters of anthrax.

* produced 500 bombs fitted with parachutes for the purpose of delivering poison gas or germ payloads.

* produced 550 artillery shells filled with mustard gas.

* produced or imported 107,500 casings for chemical weapons.

* produced at least 157 aerial bombs filled with germ agents.

* produced 25 missile warheads containing germ agents (anthrax, aflatoxin, and botulinum).

Why we are still there is because of poor facilitation of the war by those in charge. Few of you know about the mass grave sites found in Iraq that saddam had. He would build football field size ditches and put his innocent citizens in them thousands at a time and then bury them alive. I know this because i know the head Medical examiner from the 2003 invasion of Iraq. So do I think its good we went in there and removed him from power? hell yes.

anti-toby keith folk | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/11

anyone who hates on toby keith, country music, or the war on terrorism might as well be a damn terrorist. You liberals are all the same close minded thinkers. If you honestly think 9/11 was not worth a war get out of our country. When someone surprise attacks you you fight back. Al Queda should have learned from Japans mistakes. You dont come after America especially on our soil because we'll put "a boot in your ass".

Ignorant | Reviewer: someone | 4/4/11

Joe Truthhh is absolutely right. Bush bombed an entire country while they were asleep. They had nothing to do with 9/11. Bin Ladin is from Saudi Arabia, yet the US continued to keep ties with the Saudis. If Toby Keith had half a brain he would have done a little research before writing something like this. Who would be proud of their country for attacking an country full of innocent people?

the angry american | Reviewer: Bill | 3/23/11

Toby, thank you so very much. You have sung about so many of my feelings & thoughts that I think of you as a brother Patriot. I lost my son Army CPL William Dean Richardson in Iraq April 3rd 2005 while his unit was heading back from a urban search mission in Bagdad. They were ambushed from both sides of the canal bank they were traveling on.

Just my opinion | Reviewer: Anon. | 10/14/10

Just my opinion here, but i believe if all you're going to do is bash Toby Keith for the music he writes and performs, you're no better than the foulness you'd describe him as. I think it's disgusting that you can insult a man who (even if you don't agree with his music) supports our troops like he does. Patriotism is defined simply as "devoted love, support, and defense of one's country.", now tell me, how does Toby Keith not fit this bill?
You can blame this war on a few men for their actions, and curse whoever for following through with it, or you can stand behind and support the United States, regardless of the shit we've got ourselves into, just like you'd stand up for family.
God bless America,
God bless our military,
and God bless the patriotic men who can rally millions to support this great nation.

Toby Keith is not a musician | Reviewer: Joe Truthhh | 12/10/09

Toby Keith is a moron. Bush attacked a country that did nothing to us, based entirely on his own lies, and the lies of Condoleezza, Cheney and Colin Powell. They, all 3 of these traitors, said if we didn't attack Iraq first, Iraq would strike America with a nuclear bomb, even tho Bush and his gang KNEW AT THE TIME that Iraq had no nuclear weapons and no missiles that could even reach Europe, let alone America. So Bush killed 400,000 people, none of whom had anything to do with 9/11. This was mass slaughter, Bush shamed this country.
To this pathetic non-musician Toby Keith this was putting a "boot up their ass" because "it's the American way." BUT THEY DIDN"T DO ANYTHING TO US, TOBY! What Bush did to Iraq is the same as what Osama bin Laden did to the World Trade Center, he killed a lot of innocent people who did nothing to him. But Bush killed a hundred times more people! Bush is sick. Toby Keith is sick, too, and his "song" is crap. He is not a musician.

Fist v Feather | Reviewer: Đại Úy of Drawer 22 (CCN) | 8/3/09

In the rank of Special Forces Đại Úy (CPT), while serving 2 voluntary combat tours in the Vietnam Conflict, I was privileged to enjoy the friendship of a number of indigenous warriors. They and their families became the local cause for the brutality of my waging of war, supplementing the oath taken on my honor: Support those freedoms for which America stands. The liberties delineated are ideals toward which we, as a nation, strive. What freedoms we maintain are kept only by the threat and/or use of superior force. Make no mistake: Safety is not bought with slogans nor freedom paid for with flowers. The road toward liberties for which we strive is paved with the blood and lives of patriotic warriors who know that the ultimate objective of conflict is peace.

Thank you, Mr Keith, for your contribution to the efforts of our personnel in the US Armed Forces, past and present. Sung here is a warning for the future: America will retaliate with overwhelming force against any agression, and we shall do so even to protect the rights of those Americans who wish to lie down for violent people who want the lives of peaceniks along with the rest of us who defend such ignorant innocents.

pfc collins U.S. SOLDIER. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/07

to the people that say this is blind patriotism, and taht this embodys the symbol of useing 9/11 for our time still spent in iraq in my opinion your wrong..

no i dont think we should still be there, but the point of this song is that we will stand up for our country. we will fight for freedom and what american embodies as a nation.

basic instincs ?, ok i'll go with you there, but thats MUCH better then beleaveing that we can do more by talking things out with terroriss from any nation, do u think saddam would have sat down for tea and discussed the situation logicaly? no i think he was much more content hateing our nation in his spider hole.

Keith's song is ultimately a tribune to our most base and violent instincts. | Reviewer: Rick from PA | 12/22/07

Keith's lyric's represent raw emotion in search of literacy, rather than genuine patriotism -- anger over substance. To the misguided or simply ignorant, such sentiment seems endlessly appealing.

Consider Alexandria's review (5/24/2007): "towelheads", "liberals" and "tree-huggers" "can die because this is the greatest song ever made." Does this reviewer reflect true patriotic fervor, or a pathetic narrow-minded rejection of all things outside her limited province.

On November 12th my local paper, The Tribune-Democrat (Johnstown, PA), reported that as the USS Harry Truman pulled out of the dock at Norfolk Naval Base "the loud speaker blasted out Toby Keith's 'Angry American" to the crowd gathered on the dock to bid her and her crew farewell, "not knowing where the ship was going and how long it will stay" but that it "is headed somewhere in support of the war effort."

What war might that be? Certainly not the one against al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The point is that the events of 9/11 have been, and continue to be, used to support the invasion of Iraq, an outrageously aggressive, imperialistic and patently immoral act, and perhaps the blackest stain ever on the escutcheon of the United States of America.

Al-Qaeda, the once mighty global terrorist enterprise headed by Osama bin Laden and financed largely through our "friends" in Saudi Arabia, is deceptively and deliberately connated with "al-Qaeda in Iraq", the homegrown organization born out of the American invasion.

Even the US Navy apparently has a vested interest in maintaining this fiction, repeated denials from the highest levels of government and its intelligence apparatus notwithstanding.

It is a sad time to be a true patriotic American. My friends and family members have also fought and been wounded in America's wars -- WWII, Vietnam, and now Afghanistan and Iraq. Several of my friends fought in the first Gulf War; one died and another lost the use of his left hand after a Scud missile destroyed their barracks in Saudi Arabia. I too know the pain and worry we feel when our GI's are sent into war.

Keith's song is ultimately a tribune to our most base and violent instincts, not to love of family, country or the freedom that our young republic bequeaths its citizens.