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Performed by Toby Keith

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Amazing | Reviewer: James | 3/17/09

Literally speaking, this song is about justice. True justice, not necessarily the type spoken of specifically in the song, but merely that his grandfather's generation used to do things that way, and when comparing that to today we have lax punishments. I think It also means that we should fight injustice ourselves, almost vigilante. Not vigilante in the normal, Deathwish style. But to be a good person.

Ya'll who think this is racist are IDIOTS! | Reviewer: Holly | 2/17/09

This is NOT about race! For hell sakes it's about the old west and the way justice was then. Listen to the damn song! Lynching was a huge thing in the west for WHITE cowboys who stole animals or robbed banks or raped women and many other things! That's the way JUSTICE was in those days. Lynching has been a part of life forever and it didn't start with Black people so all of you get a grip and quit trying to make something out of nothing! All they are saying is that, that's how justice was served then and maybe if WE NOW took a harder stance on criminals maybe REAL justice would be served and we would all have to quit paying for all of the idiot criminals who are in prison for the horrendous crimes they have commited and they wouldn't get 400 trials to keep trying to prove their innocence! Can any of you actually think of how much money each of us as individuals would save if we didn't have to keep paying for these idiots who kill, rape, molest and destroy innocent peoples lives? So those of you who are crying racism maybe youshould take a good look in the mirror, who are you really tring to protect here or is this just another excuse to cry "racism"? Grow up and get a life! take the song for what it really is, a message to everyone that if we were tougher on criminals we would have less of them! Come on people are you all retarded?

Toby I think that people just like to put you down cuz your not afraid to speak the truth or write and sing about it! I think you should keep up the good work! I guess if you are pissing people off at least they are talking about it and maybe someday they will get a grip!
Your the best,

Incredible song! Instant classic! | Reviewer: Phil | 12/28/08

You guys crack me up!! This song has absolutely NOTHING to do with race. If you'd even take the time to listen and read the lyrics you would realize that it's about JUSTICE and punishing criminals. Read your history books; cowboy's were being lynched by the law long before slavery was even around, and that's what this song is referencing.

good day! | Reviewer: steph | 12/18/08

you people are so narrow minded to think this song is racist by any way! you just have it set in your mind that blacks are the people he's targeting in his song, when REALLY he's talking about any one who does wrong.

This song is about justice thats all. | Reviewer: WhiteFeather | 12/6/08

If you hear "We got too many gangsters doing dirty deeds
too much corruption and crime in the streets
It's time the long arm of the law put a few more in the ground
Send 'em all to their maker and he'll settle 'em down
You can bet he'll set 'em down"
and immediately assume hes talking about minorities then you are the racist. he says nothing about them yet you assume they are black? "oh white people arnt trouble makers so if you are talking about trouble makers then they are black an therefore your a racist"

This is nuts! | Reviewer: Ivan | 12/4/08

I'm utterly amazed that people whine and moan about the thought of hanging a rapist from a tree. If that's the most offensive thing you can find in music lyrics to cry in your panties about, then you should go back to France. ;-) Have you listened to modern RAP or Hip-Hop lyrics lately? It doesn't disturb you that almost all hip-hop artists continually refer to women as "hoes" and want to kill (put a cap in) cops and those who "snitch" to them?

This song is a testament to true justice, and the men who helped bring law, order and justice to an untamed West. I wish there were more songs about killing criminals. Perhaps then, there would be less of them!

Whether you're liberal or not | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/08

You cannot deny that this song glorifies death punishment. This alone is unacceptable to most countries in the world.

Furthermore the song does NOT make a reference to people being killed on the base of a verdict found in a legal trial. Rather, considering the references to the "wild west", it suggests that such a trial is not necessary.

Killing people without a trial is certainly accepted by even less of the world's countries, including the USA.

Liberals love to find the negative in everything | Reviewer: Matt | 11/28/08

To anyone who's head is governed by cognative reasoning (read, common sense) the song clearly espouses tough law and order in the face of great evil. It also has an Old West theme, when rounding up a posse and tracking down the bad guys for capture or a deadly shoot out was the order of the day.
This was law enforcement in the old days, and it was widespread and mainstream; it did not apply exclusively to "minorities" nor did it focus upon them.
The liberal who found racism hiding behind every tree simply doesn't like the idea of people being held accountable for their actions (as no liberal does) and the swift,resolute application of the ultimate punishment for the ultimate crime. Hence, he has to play the race card to seek to discredit the concept of justice, which makes liberals squirm, because their entire mindset is heavily invested in the idea that someone else is always more culpable for their actions than they are.

oh for heaven's sake | Reviewer: Mahmoud | 11/23/08

This song is not about race! It directly states that the people that are being hung are "bad boys": the murders, theifs, rapists ect. How in the world could anyone ever mistake this as being bigotry or racism? yikes! Its talking about cowboy justice, which used to rule a good chunk of America back in the day.
Hatred???!?!?!?!? Bringing criminals to justice is hatred?!?!?!? wow. Ai yi yi

F***k Off | Reviewer: Arick | 11/20/08

This song has nothing to do with racism. Do Toby or Willie, at any point in the song, make reference to minorities? The answer is NO! This is just about how shitty the American judicial system is. I mean, why the hell can murderers, rapists, and child molesters get away the shit they do? Ya know why, because there arent enough people out there that want to stand up and say, "Hey, you killed a person, raped somebody, or stole some childs innocence, and you have to pay."

Great Song | Reviewer: Rich | 11/5/08

This song is great! If its socially unexceptable to sing of murderous lynching and biggotry why not go criticize any and all Rap songs which speak of hanus crimes in the streets, or heck many of the songs in the 60's speak of revolution and rebellion, If toby keith wants to stand on an issue of strict justice and hard punishment might as well let him or else you better turn your anger to all musicians with questionable content.

This song loves to hate. | Reviewer: John | 10/7/08

Just to let anyone know, Toby Keith and Scotty Emerick DID write this song, while Keith and Willie Nelson performed it. This song is incredibly offensive because it directly glorifies and promotes alcohol abuse and lynching: quite possibly one of the BEST combinations any man has ever thought up. For anyone who tries to argue that this song is "race-free", just look at the history of lynching and how it has been tied to race, including murder of Latino, black, Jewish, interracial couples, or any hated group. This is based in fear, hatred, and an unsupported accusation. Sounds like witch trials to me. I'm shocked that any media outlet plays this song, especially where I first heard it on The Colbert Report. Again, this ideology of hatred comes from the minds of Toby Keith and Scotty Emerick, and Willie Nelson must not be excused for being coerced into singing this song. Toby Keith needs to start actually thinking and writing good songs rather than spewing hatred onto a page, adding a catchy little tune, and perpetuating the evils of the white supremacist social system that continues today through the roots of America's histories.

Willie sang it... | Reviewer: Kev | 8/30/08

Willie Nelson sings the part about lynching. I'm sick of people criticizing Toby Kieth for a being a "racist redneck conservative" when Willie Nelson wrote and sang the part of the song you found offensive. Do your research.

justice? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/08

Um... I agree that justice doesn't happen by accident. It also doesn't come from a lynch mob. Maybe I missed the part where Keith sings about due process and a jury of peers, but it doesn't sound like any kind of justice I know.

naive genius | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/08

Regarding "A Lyrical Genius":

Seriously? You're mocking someone for singing a song about justice and the need to fight for it? Justice (or any other good thing) doesn't happen by accident; it happens because good people pay for it with sweat and blood.

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