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Performed by Toby Keith

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meaning of freedom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/10

I love this song it reminds me that my cousin is in the military fighting for our freedom and pride so I want to thank him and all the Soldiers that are fighting for freedom and I want to thank Toby Keith for sanging this song it is awesome and i love it so GOD BLESS All Of The Troops

Proud Army Mom | Reviewer: Karen | 5/8/10

I love this song even though it makes me cry a little. I listen to it and think of my son who is half way around the world in South Korea. He is in the Army and has a wife and 2 kids -- boy and girl. It fills me with immense pride and love for our brave men and women in the military who are protecting our freedom. They are willing to lay down their lives for us. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. God Bless America. Hoo-Ah!

my future | Reviewer: karlee | 4/28/10

This song is by far my most favorite song. Every time i hear this song it reminds me that there are men and women out there that have families back home worried sick about them and not knowing if they will get "the" letter. All i know is that this song motovates me to become a soldier and i know what i am sacraficing but i will take the chance. I love you soldiers and i will pray for you. Come home soon!

For everyone in the military | Reviewer: Alexis | 3/28/10

I can't even begin to explain how much I appreciate everything you men and women are doing for us all. I have a boyfriend and a brother in the marines over in afganistan right can be the hardest thing to get through knowing not only people you are close to but everyone that is deployed and in the military period, are risking their life for us and going through hell and back.. This song really brings some tears out..very good song. And I would like everyone in the military to know I prey everynight for everyone of y'all. An what your doing is amazing. I have so much respect for you all.godbless!

Soldier... | Reviewer: Paul | 3/24/10

This is the most inspirational song I have ever heard. when I turn 18, I plan on joining the marines. I pray for our soldiers every night. It breaks my heart when I hear about the young soldiers who lose their lifes to protect us and our rights. I would love to die in the service of this country. I talked to a Iraq war veteran. He was at my church. I told him thank you for everything he had done. He said you have no idea how much that means to us. We shook hands. Then I hear the story of the 24 year old corporal who never got to meet his 10 month old daughter. These men and women sacrifice so much for us and our rights. Those who dont support them, they fight for your right to NOT support them. Just saying, if you lived in China you would be killed for not supporting their troops. THANK YOU AMERICAN SOLDIERS!

Father | Reviewer: Dakota | 3/1/10

When i was a young kid about 5 years old my father was in the military and i didnt think nothing of it he was never sent off he just moved from fort to fort but now im 15 and hes going back into the army and theres a chance of him being sent off and im thinking and thinking sometimes i cry sometimes i dont but this song reminds me so much of him because he has lived such a terrible life and does everything he can to make me and my brother and sister have the best life we can he wants me to go to college but im not im going into the military and a couple other of my friends are too..

To my Dad, My Hero :p | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/10

when this song first came out, my dad was mobolized in chicago... we live in Jefferson City Mo. it was a a long way away. And when me and my mom both heard this we call the radio station and said that it was almost like having him over seas... we are lucky to this day that he is still on U.S. soil and still goets to see his family. if he ever does go over seas i will know that he is doing this cause he love his family and want us to be safe. LOVE YOU DAD!!!

<3 to my dad | Reviewer: caleb | 2/12/10

My dad serves in the army and he leaves every year to Afganastand in a Uh-60 Blackhawk to fight for our freedom. Every time before he leaves he get's us gifts and a card. We have almost lost our dad from a rpg shooting and mist by 1 foot. He is armystrong no matter what. And next year he will be home safe and sound to see my mom sis and two dogs and me his little son.

They need us as much as we need them | Reviewer: Ash | 1/26/10

this is an amazing song and toaches my heart i have a uncle in iraq right now and it is tough ont the entire family expecially his lil girl. So pray for the troops they are going with out sleep as we curl up in bed eveynoght and they have to witness things that no one should ever have to just for you and me so pray for them and when you see someone home let them know that you appriciate it it means the world trust me i asked my uncle!!!! You wouldnt belive how much that warms there hearts

A real soldier | Reviewer: chelsea | 1/3/10

my father. he wasn't a soldier but the fight he fought everyday was just as bad. he worked his whole life to support my mom, sisters and me. he never took a day off just because he felt like it he would do anything for my family and me. he passed away in 2008. he died at work. just makes me think of how he never stopped working for our family. and everytime I hear this song. I cry.

Meaning | Reviewer: christian | 12/28/09

This song is one of the most meaningfull songs ive ever heard in my life, every time i hear it, i think of the my cousin and the soldiers overseas fighting for us. this song makes me wanna break down and cry every time i hear it. I would like to thank the soldiers for everything they've done for us. God Bless our brothers and sisters overseas!

a remembrance | Reviewer: solider | 12/3/09

I'm a medically retired solider and so is my fiance. My fiances best friend just came back from his 3rd tour overseas and we found out today that he killed himself cuz they were gonna send him over again. I hear this song and I cry cuz he left behind a beautiful child and an amazing wife. He will be missed!

¡ GRACIAS ! from Spain. | Reviewer: Antonio | 11/27/09

Aunque España esté ahora gobernada por una manada de cobardes capaces de criticar incluso a quienes dan su vida por la Libertad, sabed que somos muchos los españoles que reconocemos vuestro esfuerzo y sacrificio y que deseamos que volvais a casa sanos y salvos con vuestros seres queridos.
I`m sorry for write this note in Spanish but my English is horrible and I know that many US Soldiers speak Spanish. Thanks very much and Good Luck Soldiers.

A female American Soldier | Reviewer: An American Soldier | 11/15/09

I would like to thank everyone for their support. Remember their are many women out here as well and I am one of them. I would like a song about the females that serve our country. I miss my children and husband so much back home. Thank everyone again for being behind us.

My Soldiers | Reviewer: Lorie Anderson | 11/6/09

I try not to cry every time I hear this song. You see both my children served our wonderful country. They were in Iraq at the same time. And now I have more soldiers to pray for. My niece and nephew and also my son in law. Thank you Toby for a great song that touches our hearts. And THANK YOU AMERICAN SOLDIERS. You are always in my prayers.

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