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Performed by Toby Keith

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i don't think i could fully understand | Reviewer: Candace | 2/1/08

I guess if found the website on accident because all i was looking for was to find the lyrics to one of my favorite songs but maybe i didn't find this sight on accident maybe i was destend to find it by the way my name is candace and my father and gradfather were in the army my grandfather was in war world ll and everyday i think what if my dad was still in the army (I'm only 12) and i know this girl named trinity and her dad is in the army and i fell so sorry for her but i just wanted to say that i am so proud of them even if they don't know me and they will be in my prayer

Sean Cardelli, PFC, USMC KIA 1 Feb 2006 | Reviewer: Darinda | 1/30/08

When my brother was killed in Iraq, we were devistated. We created a slide show movie for the wake, we wanted songs that really defined him. Sitting around thinking, and with a loss of ideas, this song came on the radio. It was like a sign, thank you for this beatiful song, I don't think anyone could have said it better. It is like you took the thoughts right out of the soldiers mind. Wonderful job.

God bless u.... | Reviewer: katie payne | 1/17/08

my uncle has been in the army since my aunt and him got married in 2000...he hasn't been home for his 2nd or 3d childs birth but i have been able to be there for my aunt when my uncle wasn't able to...but he's been serving all that time...he's been in Iraq since 2000 and we have been cheering him on ever since...this past July he finally came home for good...but hasn't been able to see his family much because of his job...right now he is in queens, new york while his wife is in Salsbury Center, New i understand how everyone feels but i do feel bad whenever i hear the news of someone dieing over seas...or even when someone comes home...but for thos of you who are over there...GOD BLESS YOU...and for those of you that are home for good or just home for a while...GOD BLESS YOU....thank you everyone who serves our country....
Katie , 13

Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Marine Wife | 1/6/08

This song was played ath the beginning of a memorial service honoring our fallen Marines from my husband's last was so perfect and touching!

Woop! | Reviewer: RL | 12/29/07

I love this song! it makes me cry (im emotinal)every time. But if u like this song then check out Snoopy vs Osama, and Snoopy vs. the Red Barren, presented by the royal gaurdsmen and daddy a go go | Reviewer: david e mendoza | 12/26/07

dear american people:
you have my support, i believe in you and i love your way to live in this life. this song is as a description of your soul, that big thing you feel inside you. congratulations to toby keith, we are fighting for our liberty here in south america, i have translated the song and with my guitar i play it to my friends and they love it such as i. GO ON AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Autonomic Governement of Santa Cruz (inside Bolivia, yet...)

daddy | Reviewer: morgan | 12/26/07

i love this song because it tells about what our american heroes truely do for our country. my dad was in the military for 12 years and died in iraq as an sgt.first class in 2006. this song was his favorite song now when i here this song i cry but i was prowed of my dad.

I'm soo glad, but sad... | Reviewer: Fists Echidna | 12/24/07

this song reminds me of my uncle, grampa, and cousin, Judy. uncle Kenneth and my grampa are still alive, and veterans. Judy's in Iraq right now, and i pray she lives. my i'm sad for the people who did die in the wars. they died for our country... they're fightin for our country... they might come back, they might not... either way, they did it for our independence.

always prayin for the army,
-- Fists Echidna

SHAME ON YOU..... | Reviewer: Rocky Scola | 12/16/07

I want scream 'n shout all my rage to all those cowards and idiots have repaid with insults the generosity of the American Heroes dead throughout the various wars.....

thank you forever guys, and rest in peace.

My Brother | Reviewer: Karissa | 12/15/07

My brother is a soldier, and I never really realized how much hard work it is in the National Guard! Its amazing what people do for our country, and everyone in it! I really admire all of our soldier's hard work!

honor courage commitment | Reviewer: Adam Stanford | 12/16/07

I am a private first class in the USMC. I graduated boot camp in October. I heard this song just last night and my hair stood on end. I'm getting married in may. I joined the Marine Corps to build a life for my soon to be wife. I want this song played at our wedding. I swell up with pride everytime I see those stars and stripes. And death before dishonor is branded on my heart. Anyway, thank you everyone for all the support. It let's me know that patriotism has not yet been extinguished.

grate grand father | Reviewer: Lura | 12/14/07

hello this song reminds me of the stories my mother tells me about my grate grand father when he was in world war 1 when he came back he got shot. he got a purple heart for being in the war i have in my room and it makes me think that hes with our lord looking down at me. and i want to tell every body that we nead to pray for the soldiers in IRAQ FIGHTING FOR OUR COUNTRY.!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS USA SOLDIERS COME HOME SAFE

love from Lura-Jane from vermont.

Daddy... | Reviewer: Linette | 12/9/07

My dad has been in the military as long as i can remember and longer... 18 years to be exact... 19 in about a month or so... when he was in iraq this song made me cry to no end... our guys had the longest tour of duty EVER since world war one... the WWI tour bear ours out by 3 days... anyway... toby keith gave the national gaurd full use of this song for anything... ya know how if your gonna use it for something other than privete use you have to get copyright permission... the national guard has unlimited copyrighting to this song....

A Call From an Officer | Reviewer: Kim | 12/5/07

I spoke with an officer in the US Military, active duty, he said his men love it when we listen to this song. So let's listen.

Ironic | Reviewer: Ashley | 12/2/07

i was just looking up the lyrics to this song...when my cell phone rang.My best childhood friend won't be returning to the USA alive.
Its a sacrifice thats for sure
RIP Shawn
Pray my fiance comes back ok.:|

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