Extreme Excellence! | Reviewer: jd | 12/30/11

I'm from DFW & have been a fan from the early 90s. I once drove from DFW to DC in a 74 VW convertible with only a Toadies cassette to listen to. Never got tired of it! Toadies went through a lot of challenges - and through a lot of members. I remember when Lisa left. Wow! But such is life. We each follow our own destiny. If you like grunge and you like the Pixies, you MUST give these guys a listen. You won't be disappointed.

Best Band | Reviewer: Emily | 8/20/07

I have been a toadies fan since before i could talk and i love everything they do. i was at the past 4 concerts in dallas and i have to say they are amazing.

early Toadies pomo materials for sale | Reviewer: Leeloo | 5/25/07

I have early Toadies promo materials circa 1989 for sale. I have pictures of Guy Vaughan at my apartment and a booklet featuring gigs and art and Terry as guitarist. Those were good times.

Definitely Good | Reviewer: Erin | 11/16/04

A little-known but excellent band. I happened to find Hell Below Stars Above by chance, and I feel very lucky to have discovered them.