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Performed by Timbaland

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BEST SONG EVER CREATED | Reviewer: Moey9 | 8/27/07


TIMBERLAND MAKES AMAZING MUSIC HIS ALBUM ROCKS. It starts off strange but once you listen to it time and time again the songs begin to grow on you. Timberland was born to make and produce music we havnt had someone like him in this world for ages its about time another legend is born he will be remebered throughout time for a long time to come Keri is a superstar aswell she is someone to look out for in the future im sure we havnt seen the last of Keri Hilson

Awesome | Reviewer: The Way I Are-lover | 8/27/07

I just love this song even though that part that plays 23! times in the cong let's see if i can spell it out! "ey-we-e-wey" does everyone know what i'm talkin about!! well anyways everyone i know loves this song and absoloutly ADORE it! And if anyone hates then they are so totaly weird! Anyways i have this song on my ipod and now that i have the lyrics all down pat i can listen to more then i do now!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

wat i are | Reviewer: honey | 8/23/07

omg this is the best song ever ill delet all the songs of mii ipod so i can tlisten to this im serious

radical! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/07

this is a great song.i love evrything about it! the beat's fantastic as well and keri was d icing on d cake. tim's a genius!!!

Keri | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/07

WOW... Keri hudson what a babe probably one of the most beautiful women in music videos perfectly perfect most gorgeous eyes jeez, she is just an outloud hottie and no one in the world can deny that

The Way I Are... | Reviewer: Maria | 8/14/07

This song is HOTTTT! The beat is amazing and Keri is awesome. I listen to this song everyday and it never gets old. TIMBALAND IS THA SHYT!!! lol

... | Reviewer: ... | 8/5/07

well...maybe its the difference in pitches. Keri's voice is a lot higher than timbaland's. That could be why this song is so awesome

timberland is on TOP | Reviewer: Austin | 8/2/07

this plus a few more of timberlands songs off his Shock Value album are banging Keri Hilson is a new artist and she is great. check her out also check out miscommunication and scream she is on them and timberland beats are so suck i LOVE IT

OMG! | Reviewer: ... | 8/1/07

I love this song! I play it all the time. It's so ADDICTING! There's something just so awesome about this song.

The Greatest Song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Bell | 7/31/07

OMG. This song is like so awesome. the beat of this song is totally phenomenal.Timberland is the best. Plus, Keri hilson's voice is so right for this song. It really just blends with awesome beats for pure perfection. I'm like lstening to it all the time.And the video is gorgeous. Loves it.

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