wow | Reviewer: lozphace | 7/31/2007

this song is mintage timbaland should knock that bloody umbrella off the top! one of the best tunes this year by far.

I love this song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/2007

This song is so great, I like it alot. Every thing that Timberland touches is gold I swear. The beat is what really gets me going, every time I hear it, it makes me what to get up & just move. It's a vary cool song I like the lyrics 2, they don't really get me into the song but the beat does something.

Suzie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/2007

I love the beat and the song. It reminds me of the 80's. Love it!

It's official | Reviewer: denise | 7/28/2007

I love this song!!! Especially the remix!! We should like people just the way they are! But I think it goes without saying the music is what makes it what it is!!! Makes me wanna get up and dance!!! Can't get enough of it!!! It's official!!

i love u timbaland | Reviewer: ingrid | 7/28/2007

this is not a surprise he always do really good in his work but this song is the most sticky ones i love it, i hear it everyday ,can't get out off my mine love it love it.

way u re | Reviewer: gee | 7/23/2007

i love the beats. after listening to this song on the radio, I couldn't get enough of it so I just went out and bought the cd! I love it!. touch it coz my love is for free.... Tim this has got to be the best song of the year

second to none!!! | Reviewer: P-pumping | 7/16/2007

This song is completely off the hook...I think its one of his best...the lyrics are ok cos a song is just a song...The beat is something else...

Madness | Reviewer: Eric | 7/16/2007

timbaland is a mad man, da beat is off da charts, keri hilson is a hit wit dat voice of ours. MAN AM IN LOVE WIT TIMBALAND. TIMBO U R GOOD. I MUST BE LYK U.

BEAT!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/2007

Ladies this song is pretty good actually b/c when it comes to love, money shouldnt buy that anyway, so it's a song about a real relationship...soulmates!!! BEAT is awesome! gota love it!

Timberland The Way I are | Reviewer: claire , Liverpool | 7/11/2007

This has got to be the best song this year. This should get to number 1. If you get to see Timberland live you must go hes brilliant. So everyone go out and buy this song as soon as it released. This is a must have for everyone's mp3's and ipods.