struggleing artest | Reviewer: Mike reaume | 9/11/2007

Hello my name is mike, my dream is to be in music
in New york. I am in a wheelchair in a small town
called belle river with little music hear.
I am asking you to come to my town and do a music
video with me and some freinds.

this song is romantic.. and.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/2007

romantic for those who think money is not important.. and it is ironic coz women never give love for free.. or do they?..

i love this song!

great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/2007

great song..keri hilson relly makes the song tho..the beat is great..but w/o her it's kinda meh

The way I desire | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/2007

Wow , I think I love Keri Hilson. She is so sexy with a sexual voice makes me want to have sex with her

frantic song | Reviewer: mistinguette | 8/31/2007

this song is very...I can't find word's for it....I think this song is the year's best song!
I like Timbaland until this song...than I love him!!

cool | Reviewer: kenneth | 8/31/2007

its the best song i heard the video is awsome and timberland and keri hilson u both look couples to me

i love it | Reviewer: anna | 8/30/2007

j'aime cette chanson il y a une part de verite entre les deux sex parfos il ya certaines femmes qui aime l'argent et parfois des hommes aussi alors si tu aimes la personne tu l'acceptes comme ca keep it up! timberland

the way i are | Reviewer: a pian | 8/27/2007

i like this cause the singer timberland is my idol all the also nice . so chek it out timberland!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

shock | Reviewer: Suzen | 8/18/2007

The song is really for us,young generation.I like it very much.A real shock.gooood....

it rocks!! | Reviewer: retna | 8/14/2007

The song really rocks! I love it.The beat is cool.You rock timbaland.Keep it up.