This song | Reviewer: Kevin | 11/7/2007

I love this song. But it sounds so mystical, yet the message is so plain. Could have been done differently. Definitely has a romantic sense to it though. Therefore, it is a homerun.

Gooooo Timberland WOOHOO | Reviewer: Sarah | 11/2/2007

This song like totally rocks man .... I love it :):):) I hope Timberland can come and do a concert thingy and perform the same song like ova n a ova again in Perth woohoo man ok love yas all xxxxx xoxoxox

you got it wrong | Reviewer: Kimberley Cunningham | 10/29/2007

its: so listen baby girl when i make it i want you there, want you there, yeah. not:so listen baby girl when i make it i want you back, want you back, yeah. try and change ok? otherwise its good. from kimbo

timbaland is the madest s h i t eva | Reviewer: kate | 10/23/2007

hay guys ... i love this song man it is the makes me wanna go out every time im watching the film clip or hear ther mad s h i t ... love you loveng time guys x x x

madest s h i t out aye man

HEY I LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: christina | 10/22/2007

Hey.. Timberland is my hero and i love song now it is on my ipod thanks timberland u did a great jod on this song so keep beliveing in ur self

chorus error | Reviewer: tiffany | 10/22/2007

its not
(I'm about to strip and I want it quick
Can you handle me the way you are?)
its (im about to strip and im well equipped can you handle me the way i'm are )

THE WAY I ARE !!!! | Reviewer: Esra | 10/13/2007

HELLO PEOPLE its me Esra ..I love this song..i always beatbox to this osngg ..i just lovee..ohh..and one thing i can beatboxx ..all da wayy broo..lyk doof doof!! LMAO love this wat else can i say =) =}bye bye people cya mwahh take acre xo0xo0

The Way I are song | Reviewer: Angela | 10/9/2007

I just heard this song on One Life to live it's a really cool's a got a great beatto it.I have never heard of them before..I like them....

loves it | Reviewer: leah | 10/1/2007

I love this song so much. This song is the best one out of the year and they have such a good voice.

U can b my soulmate,TIMBALAND!!!! | Reviewer: Fifah | 9/18/2007

Ilove the music,the song and U,Timbaland.U're a great N a real Producer.I luv u... Keep making a good,fantastic songs N musics