omgahh | Reviewer: pail | 7/11/2007

ahh i'm obsessed! the beat is beyond amazing :) i can never ever get tired of this song

to all the people that are moaning! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/2007 the people who are moaning that the lyrics are shit......try to grow up abit yerr.people love the song...the song is good! the lyrics are lyrics! people dont evan think (ooo this song is soo degrading) lol.i think people are more likely to think...woooaa what a tune! i tell ya what...think of lyrics and a beat better than this..... then moan!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Danielle | 7/4/2007


The Way I Are | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/2007

The song interpolates the melody from Salt 'N' Pepa's early hit "Push It".and in The video version includes an extra verse from Timbaland's brother Sebastian

timbo the man | Reviewer: george | 7/4/2007

this song is simply AWESOME!!! Tim just keeps on provin that he is second to none. Number 1!

zoop! | Reviewer: john smith | 6/29/2007

the way i are, doesnt make sens, plus dats not in da lyrics, n the bit where it goes ''Can you handle me the way you are?'' sounds like its sayin ' can you handle the way am are'
quite stupid.
bt a fkin great song!!

WTF? | Reviewer: Confused | 6/29/2007

This song has some great beats by far. Timbaland does some the absolute best beats there are but these are the shittiest lyrics I have ever heard. I can't believe that this song is popular. The song is basically saying that it is okay for a guy not to have a job or a car and not to be able to do anything for the girl but it's still okay to put out for him. WTF girls? I can't believe that the more and more degrading to women the lyrics are the more popular the song is. All I can say is THE LYRICS ARE HORRIBLE!!! GOOD BEATS THOUGH!!

nice one timba | Reviewer: Alex | 6/29/2007

wooow its amazing.. fab beat adn nice text 2.. Timbaland its just amazing! fucking crazy beats ;)))) Go timba...

lurvin it!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/2007

i looovee it its awsome timbaland is the best by far =] lv yas xxx

Awsome song | Reviewer: Victoria | 6/27/2007

Tim you make the best songs ever... keep up the good work and keri we all love you and cheer for you so you can make it real big... good job!