APOLOGIZE.... | Reviewer: RISHI | 10/29/13

Dea..., i konw itz not too late to apologize me, but i know i can never be yours cuz we cheated each other... you got one perfect boyfriend other than me and i too got sum1 else bt still the place in my heart is empty..... only thing that i want 4m you is apologize, vil you.....!!!!???

forgive me | Reviewer: keshav tiwari | 10/3/13

this song remind me n my love.....
i always miss her at day n night.....
when i look at sky,i saw her face but i had no choice to left her.....im suffering frm cancer, i don't want make her life dead with me.......so my love pls forgive me

Its gone and will never come back | Reviewer: Amandeep | 9/10/13

i think one of the most amazing days together.. i loved this guy alot.. he LOVED me too but couldnt stand me cuz he thought i was too stupid, dumb, LAME.. idk what and he dumped me.. it happened a couple of times wen i took him back but this time it wont work.. cuz i still love him but he is HAPPY off with someone else and i am happy to see hi HAPPY. for my part i loved him.. idk if he did or was just playing around. :'(

Its not too late to apologizzze | Reviewer: Sheena Ghosh | 9/7/13

I love dis sng coz its realy a hrt touchng sng...whn i met mah boy i strtd luvng him nd i thot dat he also luv me...we strtd datng..nd one day i realzd dat he didnt luv me...thn we brk up bt one day he cm nd said m sry 4 al dat i hv done wid u nd i also strtd luvng u a lot nd i cnt live widout u plz 4gv me..thn i 4gv him nd nw we r togthr...:-*

I cant wait her apologize | Reviewer: Abdul | 7/12/13

She was my first girl to fall in love bt she always turn me out ver fierce,i do a lot to prove my love to her bt it was stil useless. I even travelled long mails to met her and greeted bt she always feel bored of me. Am tired and I told her its OVER btn me and her and she is now apologizing...should I say its too late?I'm holding on her rope &
Got me ten feet off the ground.....

it's not too late | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/13

I love him even more than i love myself. Every tym i try 2 4get abt him, it comes bact 2 moi. I really never thought i'd fall in love; the way he makes me feel; the way he talks 2 me. I never thought i'd find some1 4 me. We've been 2gether since primary till now. I so love this song...reminds me of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

apologize me baby......... | Reviewer: megha | 2/27/13

i love this song.. mah fav.......... song, this songs always remind of the guy ...who loved me alot, but i never returned dat love back.. but when i again got a chance to do that .....

second time also i hurted me....
i know u willl not apologize me . but m very sorry. but theirs problem with me .......
i love you baby........... from my heart, but the thing is that i jst dont know to show that......... like you..... :(

Won't 4give u | Reviewer: Slim | 1/15/13

This song tells the same thing as my heart. Sarju , we broke the we were again together, but u dated sm1 in front of me n told him that i was nthng. I think even u cm bk to apologize, i think it's late. I wn't cm bk bye3 4evr

Broken heart..... | Reviewer: srinivas noothi | 10/29/12

I love this song i ll listen this song 10-15 times a day . . If i listen this song i ll remember my love i loved her more than me n she s the one who broke my heart n to be frank i still love her if she cums n ask apologize i think i ll forgive her. . . If i listen i ll remember her voice n her eyes. . Love u my sweetheart. .

BROKEN HEART | Reviewer: srinivas noothi | 10/30/12

This is my favorate song i love this song.... when ever i think of my love i will listen r i ll sing this song.... minimum 10 to 15 times in a day i ll listen this song... love u my sweetheart ..... u have broked my heart but i am still safeguarding it like a baby.....

a real song to join broken hearts | Reviewer: Dipesh | 8/26/12

It has been one of my best song which i mostly use to sing whenever i think of my love....and it is the song which i played in ma house when she first came to ma house......its just awesme

the song that makes me love her. The heart maker. | Reviewer: evaristus sail | 5/21/12

i love this song. When ever i play the track i feel so much love for isabellar finebone, i love her so much, she's the one to say - that was ma first date, bt she's more than thousands in me, i hear the song, n play it the day we spend together. Bellar is not too late to Apologise. Am holding on the rope come lets move ten feet off the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this | Reviewer: NAGESH | 4/19/12

I love this Bcoz i really love my friend.i recollect the past Wich We spent together.i love my friend in such a way tat if she tel me to marry a prostitute also i'l marry her.but she won't tell.

Chi....chi bird | Reviewer: Adong | 2/26/12

I love dis song coz it mkes me recollct al da past momnts dt i hve vt er...v spnt momnts n hrs n second in n insane world....dt ws da swetst n mst chrishable memriz i hd of er aftr two yer v partd...it ws mi fault, i d8nt saw er tru lov dt c hd 4me n so i chetd vt er.....i ws vt a anotr gal wen c knew abt dt, c brok dwn er tears n2 mi arms n syd "u wer my frst,i wept 4u evry dae n nite wen i d8nt saw u evn 4 a sec"... At dat tym i realise da lov dt c hve 4me...i wnt on syng 4sry..bt ws too lte c olredy lft er plce...tl 2dy i dnt knw wer c s...m stll vt a brokn hrt...

I kno its too late | Reviewer: Hope kaguwa | 12/4/11

U were d 1 who introduced me in tru lov field.i gev u my trst,heart,n evethn u askd.but i faild to say sory coz up to now i dnt kno what kind of blander i dd.its now a year n months since u decided 2 leave me in such painful maner.i'v tryd to 4get bt am failng.i try 2luk 4 othrs,am failing oso. Ofcourse i dnt kno what i wrngd u, I'V TO APOLOGIZE...though i kno ts too late.