I'm really sorry, i don't understand her | Reviewer: mad boy | 10/29/11

i know i was too late to apologise to you, i always thought i'm doing good, always wanted to see her smiling for the reason what i was hypnotized by her....i'm really confused what progress led us to the painful edge,i even use to think to try find out the reason bt i really cant conclude anything,m just compelled to dominating my mind, i really lost my mind, wht ever i do is directed by my heart...i really try so hard to forget about the nostalogies bt failed...i'm even in love with her as madly as i was before...i wish she will realize my love one day if my love is true and pure.....i'm so sorry.{S}

:) | Reviewer: Roshan | 9/10/11

hmmm. almost three years gone.... but the feeling is same... there is some beautiful comments.... that remind me about those day... :)
how good time we spend together.... :)
but girl its too late... too late... if you ever read this dont thinked i want u again... no. never. but i missing u... but i dont need u...

i know its too l8 2 apologise..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/11

hey shivani may be three years hve been passd in our brk up but the love,the pain,the worry,the dreams for u is still d same in my heart .i knw dat i hve nt said u sorry dat tym even though i was wrng but i apologise now plz forgive me. i know u luv me 2 .might be its 2 l8 to apologise

i love this coz i still love her | Reviewer: Ashish | 6/1/11

i know i have done wrong with that girl,,,i could not satnd for her coz of certain reasons which i cannot avoid

she think i cheated her but the fact is she is the only girl in this world whome i can love and whome i will be loving till my last breath

this song reminds me of her only that if situtations wud have been i wud have been with her and enjoying my life

its is too late for me to apologize..but frankly i didnot got any time to apologize to her..and if she ever by chance reads this page and see the comments then i still love u nandini and will always love u only.

i am very sorry

Awesome song | Reviewer: Marwah yash | 4/29/11

Really awesome song . . I got to know yesterday that the person i love the most recalls me whenever she listens to this song . . Althoug . . She doesn't love me in the way a lover loves . . I am just too happy . . That she is still with me . . And will always remain . . Love you hun . . Your pa-boi

:) | Reviewer: ashima | 4/26/11

well the same thing happend to me too.this guy used me n left. and then later on he came back saying sorry. but it was too late to apologize. i had moved on. and now i am with someone and that someone means the world to me. i love him more than anyone else. but i love this song. even though i dont hav problems in my relationship. just the beats n the way timberland sings it makes me fall in love with it everytime i hear it. :D

jst a heartbroken guy, Ikenna | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/11

heart wrenchin, my gal whom i think luvd me deserted me jst last xmas for another man jst becaus the guy has money n frm a wealthy family. Am yet to get over it, jst becaus i dont have money yet. God pls, i know you ll make it up to me, i ll have money, sombody comfort me pls, cos am yet to get ova this, i think they v startd processin her marriage rites, comfort me oh God!

apologize | Reviewer: joselito ypil | 10/10/10

love this song very much not only becoz its beautifully sung but also beautifully written.
the gal i loved broke ma heart three years ago but i still love her and m standing at the same place where she left me.........
and everytime i listen to this song i feel somewhere connected to her again coz i dont know y but i still love her in the same way i used to do three years ago.

lovely.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/10

its amazing how so mny people, so many similar stories, so many monments of differnt lives find expression thru one song.. n my dedication too goes out to my flil fool who's gone so far away.. be back soon my love!.. im holding the torch for you!..

on the other side of the song..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/10

we lived together for almost eight years like the happiest couple on earth.. we always enjoyed everything together including this song as it always played in our fav club late night.. i distinctly remember the times i lay in his arms while listening to the tune of this song... thats the reason i love this song and it brings back a gus of memories sending chills down my spine..

but today the scenario is completely changed... we split because i didnt try enough and that time i thought i would be able to stay apart from him... but he tried and tried and was hanging on to the rope waiting for me to realise how much he needs me ... but i was a fool... i just cut the rope and thats where it all ended..
its been six months now that we broke up... and its now that im falling in love with him.. why is nature such that we never value something that we have and when its lost we crave for it! but then the bitterness i have left in his heart will never fade away...

and i know that...
its too late to apologize for it!

but if he is reading this.... coz i know he loves this song... may be i cant be wit you again.. may be we cant show our love to each other...
but i am falling in love with you!

your jaan!

a beautiful song for a broken heart.... | Reviewer: maddy | 3/1/10

i love this song very much not only becoz its beautifully sung but also beautifully written.
the gal i loved broke ma heart three years ago but i still love her and m standing at the same place where she left me.........
and everytime i listen to this song i feel somewhere connected to her again coz i dont know y but i still love her in the same way i used to do three years ago.

Amazing and heartwrenching..... | Reviewer: Ems | 10/1/09

I loved this song the 1st time i heard it n then the guy i was "meeting" commented that he loved it too. Song of 2007/8 for him he said. I already loved it but as i loved him i loved it even more....however, i never realised it would have so much meaning to our relationship. I loved him. He used me. He was sorry. I was psycho obsessed. He knew. I was sorry. But on both occasions it was too late to apologise. Now I'm worn out of wanting n waiting for something I cant have and he is back with an ex n neither one of us will have a chance to listen together again. Our fires are blue.I listen to this n think of him n think yes. it really is too late for both of us yet if i heard the words im sorry my fire would go from blue to red without a second thought. I miss him so much and wish he would call me and come back but i am happy that he is happy. "if you love someone, let them go, if they come back, they're yours for keeps. If they don't, they never were!!" I lost you once and found you. I'll find you again babe. I love you Craig x

Heart Broken... | Reviewer: Prem | 9/6/09

just had my heart broken into a thousand pieces...this song somehow puts words to the feelings im feeling now...its beautiful and sad...if any of u know how i feel now, u will know the meaning on this song...

love lost | Reviewer: vee | 7/21/09

Its about someone u loved, someone who u thought loved u but didnt, most probably went off with someone else and came back when it dint work out... so even if u still love them its too late for the relationship and u are better off without this person

black | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/09

i like this song quite a lot and dont seem to be getting bored after months of listning to it...the only problem is that i have not been able to comprehend certain portions of the lyrics specially in the song's context...for eg. wat does the line - 'i loved u with a fire red now its turning blu' exactly mean...not just the meaning but its sense.