Fantastic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/07

This song is just absolutly amazing. Its so Calm and really does have a strong meaning to it.

Yet another Well Done to Timbaland!

Suicide? | Reviewer: Lucy | 11/14/07

reminds me of suicide....

"I'm holding on your rope
Got me ten feet off the ground..."

the rope was the one she made of negative emotions of all the bad times shes put him through, and the ten feet off the ground is pretty obvious...

wow | Reviewer: Alexandra | 11/11/07

i wanna breakup with my boyfriend ... after i listen to this song, i was really turned upside down ... maybe i`ll regret it and it will be "to late to apologize" ... the part with "I'm holding on your rope/Got me ten feet off the ground..." fits damn well to me... simply i`m just inloved with this song ... great job T ....

Wonderful | Reviewer: Britta | 11/9/07

This song is beautiful.
I first listened to it on So you Think You Can Dance and I instantly feel in love with it.
I listen to it like 20 times a day.

OMG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/07

This song has so much meaning.
I love it I think I listened to it 20 times in a row.
Like ya so buying the cd cause I love Timberland.

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Chantel | 11/8/07

i love this song so much .....makes me think about so much thatI am so sorry about but its too late to apologise...makes me cry everyime i listen to it... hold on to wat and who u have cause its gonna be too late

amazing song!!!! =) | Reviewer: KriKri!! ^^ | 11/8/07

I think this song is simply wonderful!!!!...everytime I listen to it I cry...cause what it say is terribly real....

so true | Reviewer: christina | 11/6/07

I love this so much. It brings tears to my eyes when I hear it.Becasue when I hear this song it reminds me or me and my boyfriend to a "T". Sometimes it is to late to say sorry. yet its so hard to say goodbye. But you can't let go. So you stay on their rope for yet another day. I just hope things change.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! | Reviewer: kate | 11/4/07

I really like this song because i dated a guy for five and a half months and i fell in love with him but he cheated on me and wanted to get back together with me so.... and his song is so inspiring thankyou for writing such a ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL SONg!!!!!!!!!!!;) :)

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/07

I think the song hints at a second chance at the end, where it comes full circle about holding on to her rope and being 10 feet off the ground.

It's the way we all feel, it is too late to apologize, but apologize anyway and we'll see what happens next.

my 2 cents..

awesome | Reviewer: meli | 11/2/07

this song is absolutly awesome. It sends goosebumps all over my body just by being able to understand the lyrics. i think it's beautifully written and most of all...this break up real. The real way you feel about a break up afterwards. The music just takes me away. i love it!!!

wow | Reviewer: mima | 10/28/07

this song is so real and so true,
its me and my xe the father of my
kids everything it say its us!
wow i cry everytime i play this song!
to those out there hold on to what you

THE THRUTH IS THAT I MISS YOU | Reviewer: | 10/29/07

i haven't met my cousin for about a year or so because of family problems and i really miss him because he's so sweet and funny and just brilliant and i think that if he wasn't my cousin he would be a guy i would fall in love with and whenever i hear this song i miss him very mutch and almost cry at the words ''The thruth is I miss you'' because i'm trying to make myself not to miss him because he hasn't tried to contact me and we used to be very close so i try to forget him' but i can't.
So the thruth is Pouya THAT I MISS YOU!!!

really to late | Reviewer: mitch | 10/27/07

i love this song!!! really sucks!! sometimes there are no second chances... its really too late...

LOVEITTTTTTT;)! | Reviewer: S T E P H :) | 10/29/07

This Song Is Amazing! You Can Really Take In His Lyrics And Understand Them Propely, They Are Sad :|! But The Song Overall Is 100% Immense :D