chilling | Reviewer: Nichole | 10/27/07

In this song does the guy commit suicide? He said he is on her rope 10 feet from the ground and he says something about turning from red to blue. Its just what I got out of it and I was wondering if I was the only one.

:'( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/07

oh man...this song mafe me cry the first time I heard it! I love it tho. I actually remember putting the lyrics to mind the other night ago and wondering how it would be like if someone said that to me. and then today my boyfriend said taht he was afraid to lose me.... I had no idea what to say, it was crazy how that worked out tho....

True feelings | Reviewer: Katrina | 10/25/07

This song describes in the best words I can think of of how I feel. It is so intense its a really great song thankz for writing something so inspiring.

--- | Reviewer: KPS | 10/25/07

oh man...this song made me cry the first time I heard it! I love this song tho. I remember actually putting the lyrics to mind a few nights ago and thinking about what would happen if someone said that to me. then today (actually a few minutes ago) my boyfriend told me he was afriad to lose me.... I had NO idea what to say, it was crazy....

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/07

I LOVE THIS SONG! can anyone tell me where i could find the original? cannot find it anywhere xx

This song's amazing | Reviewer: juan | 10/23/07

I really like how the beat and voice really makes shiver ..
I haven't experience what the lyrics saying but kinda understand what it tells from the way it was sang.

Apologize | Reviewer: Ladyleo21 | 10/21/07

I love this song the moment I heard it I thought who is that? I couldn't stop until I found it. I think everyone has felt that way before! Timbaland and One republic our amazing.

Response to 'StayTrue' | Reviewer: Cat | 10/18/07

Timbaland is the producer of this remix. You can't get anywhere in the music business without a great producer. So if it weren't for Timbaland, this track would never have reached us so of course he deserves credit for it. As for being a cover, clearly this track is more popular than the original otherwise more people, apart from you, would know about it.

I think this song is amazing. Lyrics are heart-felt and deep, vocals are so intruiging and you can hear such emotion in his voice. The vocalist is one talented kid and Timbaland is one bloody awesome producer!

great song | Reviewer: a girl | 10/16/07

I thought hte song was amazing, i know one republic did it really, but who cares about that. idk what im supposed to do.

wow | Reviewer: kelsie | 10/14/07

this song represents exactly how i felt in my situation with my boyfriend.. wel ex.. its funny how whn you lose something you had you are willing to say your sorry to keep it.. but sometimes its too late...

Love it. | Reviewer: Elise | 10/13/07

Can relate to it so bad - whenever I hear it I'm stuck between wanting to cry and wanting to smile.

Love the first && last two lines - favourite parts of song.

DEE BOMB | Reviewer: muss | 10/16/07

II AGREE with all of you. This song is just so amazing in the way of how he sings the lyrics, its tempo and soo much more amazing features this song contains!!

History right there... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/07

What a combination! I think the whole creation of this song is amazing and the vocals are beautiful! a taste of Genius... mos def!


LERVE IT!!!! | Reviewer: Rebecca | 10/8/07

this song is amazing... I am sure it was b4 timbaland..but WOW...i mean this beat is amazing...and the lyrics....i can relate to this song in many ways...its great


Excellend Song..... | Reviewer: Jason | 10/8/07

Haven't heard of a great song like this in quite a while. One to keep for the ages. Sort of, kind of, reminded me of OMD's song "What Is Something I Said" Very emotionally deep and profound song.... and yes, I'm in touch with my feelings and this song really hit home. I'm gonna buy this record. Thanks One Republic and Timbaland....