You gotta be kiddin | Reviewer: John off the hizzle | 2/6/08

These lyrics are shameful. If anyone wrote a song this bad they should not show it in public. They are so crappy i think that they should f**k themeselves. Thanks for reading Timbalame fans (p.s. you suck timbaland why is your name after a brand of shoes)!

who cares | Reviewer: Mary | 2/9/08

Who cares who wrote the song. I like it and if you don't like it don't listen to it. Both Timbaland and One Republic are creative in their own right and both dserve credits for the song. Timbaland is a genuis, rapper or no rapper.

People wake up! | Reviewer: Music_Lover | 2/9/08


I any of you listen to the lyrics carefully, you'll understand the song! Ok, maybe Timbaland did not write the song but its still good. And Timbaland is SINGING in the song!!! So people, dont be against it! Listne to the lyrics and understand it!

I love the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/08

What i have realised while reading the other reviews is purely bitterness and hatered of a man who produces good songs.Apologize is a hot track,both timbaland and one republic did a good job,so instead of dissing timbaland stand up and do what you thing is a better song

be sure | Reviewer: sergio | 2/7/08

i think it's a great X-girl put this song up on her myspace. i think she knew i would check it out and hear it.and everytime i hear this song she is like calling me, but when i answer the cll-phone she hang off.i dont know why, but she is crazy.that walk it out!

Apologise | Reviewer: | 2/3/08

I think this song is a good song it talks about the chance he gave one person and how the person whent and blew the shot but he still thanks he needs him/her .
I think the reivers of this song should shut the traps because they sound like rubbish them selfs and if they want to speack theres mindes to me feel free to idk .

writer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/08

what?! Timbaland did NOT write this! As already said, it was OneRepublic's song, so give them the credit, not Timbaland who hardly changed the song at all (apart from a more prominent bass line and not much else)... It's a good song, I really like it, however I think the original version is better, purely because its the original and the thumping bass ruins it...

attention! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/08

apologise is just rubbish. where di he get thoso nincompoops? next time mr fat stomach, give us something soulful that does not stink after the first two minutes. and whats with the screaming in the backgroun, sing Mr Timbaland sing, coz obviously, you are not a rapper. more beats please.

ummm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/08

timbaland didn't write this song...this was One republics song they wrote it and did all the music it really pisses me off that timbaland gets all the credit because he changed the beat very minorly and add an occasonal "eh eh eh" on the track.....i hate rappers and rap music

writer/poducer | Reviewer: jon | 1/27/08

Beetohveen didn't play many instruments but he was able to write the music for the every symphonic instruments, note for note. He received the all credit for his musical pieces and rightly so. All the great writer/producer have done the same, ex: quincy jones, phil spector, barry gordy and yes, timbaland

About | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/08

you guys know that this song is about a guy killing himself..seriously his heart is turning blue means he's dying. hes hanging by a rope 10 feet of the ground. yeah obviously he is killing himself because he is heartbroken..obviously most of these people dont understand what

Dont Know wat u talkin bout | Reviewer: Jay | 1/19/08

Timbaland did not do nelly furtado like dat thank u very much because he was singin with her u dodo Timbaland did write apologize. And at least you can see him in HIS vid many times!! ^_^

I Live This Song | Reviewer: Cue | 1/18/08

It is not 2 long, and not 2 short it is just right and get 2 da point, a lot of ppl don't realize shit is done when it is burnt, so this is da perfect way 2 tell them, FUCK YOU, I'm tired of being ur footstool.
B4u know it, it will b 2 late 2 wonder y, 2 late, or 2 late 2 try 2 cry, 2 late, and definitly 2 late 2 apologize

? | Reviewer: Dawn | 1/13/08

the song is written by ryan tedder and one republic already released it in 2006, so timbaland does not own it...and I think that the version without him is a lot better.

This song... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/08

My x-girl put this song up on her myspace. I think she knew I would check it out and hear it. Every time I it comes on, I have to listen to the whole thing. I think it's a great song and it hurts everytime I hear it.