Apologize | Reviewer: art | 1/12/08

Lots of the people making review don't understand the music business. If I wrote the lyric, the music, produced it. It's my song no matter who sing it. I'm going to get 75% of the profit. It's a great song for both One Republic and Timbaland. They both should be laughing all the way to the bank.

wowiwowow,is nice..hi 5! | Reviewer: BloodlineS | 1/10/08

lol @ the person who spelled it "timberbalnd" :p

But yea Mr.Timbaland did'nt exactly do enough in the song for it to be labelled as his own...Although it would be okay if it was "One Republic feat.Timbaland"

and the guy does'nt even hum,he MOANS in the background lol ,still its a superb tune :D

Too Late!! | Reviewer: Pirate | 12/31/07

Its too late to apologize..
I loved you with a fire red, now it's turning blue..

This song is something.. really!! Has the song touched you in some way like it did to me?

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/07

i stayed in a hotel the previous week and heard this song everyday, one time in the morning and one in the evening. this reminds me of that vacation and the boy that i saw there and wanted to talk, but i couldnt. it saddens me..

Artist of the Song | Reviewer: Lilly | 12/14/07

Actually this is a Timbaland song, it was released on Shock Value long before the EP for One Republic which has removed the parts with Timbaland in it. One Republic is using this song as their debut but it was first a Timbaland song and is on his album. Look it up.

omg... | Reviewer: Mandy | 12/11/07

i am in love with this song...but Timbaland doesnt sing it...One Republic does....Timbaland hums...i agree with the other person on this comment thing...can u repost this as One Republic...lol thanks if u do repost it!! :)

ONE REPUBLIC not TIMBALAND | Reviewer: anton | 12/5/07

timbaland only huming on this great song. ONE REPUBLIC own the song not TIMBALAND....just like TIMBALAND DID NELLY FURTADO....only huming...so can it be posted under ONE REPUBLIC? hehehhe

amazing!!! | Reviewer: Saba | 12/5/07

amazing!!! i'm speachless when it comes to this song... it makes me wanna cry ... its the feeling inside me...!!

VERY POWERFULL. | Reviewer: JERRY | 12/4/07

this song to me i think has impacted every one, in some way, or another, in ur your life. it brings back old memories, of that special some one. some very good & some bad. some one that you were madly in love with, but hurt you so deeply. u tried very hard to make it work, and gave it so many chances. but still too late...

??? | Reviewer: mel | 11/30/07

omg omg omg..jus thinkin bout this songs makes mee wanna hear itt..its da best song i have heard in a whilee nn becausee itss acsually happing too mee itss soo sweet n jus the music the sound iss sweet all i can sayy is good job n keep it upp..btw ii love all your songss
lovee uuu timerbalnd

=) WOW! | Reviewer: Gem | 11/30/07


this song is just simply amazing!!!

everytime i hear it i just feel like crying! .....but in a good way!

Its really touching! it touches my heart everytime i listen to it!

I think its great! and I wish i could think of songs like that!

Tis simply amazing!!!

Gem xx

Love | Reviewer: Tegan | 11/29/07

I love this song. The original is much better though. Surprised at the number of people who have commented and used the worse English I've ever seen though.

I love it...but still confused. | Reviewer: Confused | 11/29/07

This song is without a doubt amazing!!! Yet for me the lyrics can be a bit confusing. He says it's too late to apologize yet he'd take another shot for her. Say what? He needs her like a heart needs a beat, and he's still holding on to the end of the rope, but it's too late?

I don't know it could just be a personal thing for me. My ex sent me this song because they know I'm still in love with them, but ironically they're the one that told me they didn't love me and broke it off with me. ~_^ I don't get it.

nice job Tim-land | Reviewer: selam | 11/28/07

i already put it in my favorites lyrics list and whenever i am listening to this song on line, there u go.

i love it, just listent to the bit and the way it flows is really nice. good job timba

good jub timba | Reviewer: selam | 11/28/07

i love the flow and just look it just goes into your ears. it lets the heart just get smooooth and let the worried go away, at least for a moment.

good job tim, any remix on the way