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Allentown Fair | Reviewer: Adriana K Minnich | 6/24/09

I look forward to seeing you Sept. 4th at the Allentown Fair. In addition to being a fan of yours, I was also a fan of your father.

I have a personalized "American League" baseball, signed by your dad while in California. A close friend of mine, Dave (Lefty) Schneck who was also with the Mets, was called up to replace an injured Rusty Staub and got the autographed ball for me. I'll cherish it forever.

Looking forward to Sept. 4th in Allentown.

Tug McGraw baseball card | Reviewer: Oren Baker | 6/10/09

Hi Tim
I am and have always been a country music fan.
I was raised that way. I didn't know for years there was any other kind of music.

Anyway, the reason I'm writing is I'm finally
going thru some of my son's stuff, after losing
him about 10 yrs ago, that he left behind. One of
those things is a bunch of baseball cards which includes a Tug McGraw card. Now I can't imagine you not having one of those or for that matter a bunch of those, but, if you would like to have it I would like to send it to you.

Please let me know by E-mail.


insperation | Reviewer: cody | 3/24/09

Dear Tim Mcgraw you are a tremendace singer and I am doing a project on you and your song Last Dollar (fly away) and I got an A. Thanks to you I picked up the guitar and am now in a band called CrazyRats! Thanks for the insperation. and Keep on making music

I would like some help | Reviewer: Derrick Sheeley | 2/13/09

Tim i love your music one of my favorets would have to be Indian Outlaw.The reason i come to u is because frome what i know about u u like to help people and im a really good singer i know i am i have been told by alot of people i have been in several contests also all i ask is for some help to get in to the counry music life. THINKS TIM!!!!!

My Mom&I are big fans of Tim Mcgraw | Reviewer: LucyZapico | 1/3/09

I think Tim Mcgraw is a hottie and he is cute. i am a big fan of Tim Mcgraw and other country singers as well. my mom dwel's when she hears your music. i am only 20yrs old and i live in New Mexico let me know when you are in albquerque New Mexico so my mom and I can come and see you. I also want to meet George Strait he is My #1 He is My Favriote Country singer I love George Strait!

writing for my niece who is 5 yrs old! | Reviewer: Bertha Beall | 12/5/08

Shania is A special little girl who deals and suffers from CP she lost her mom almost 2 yrs ago and is being raised by her grand-parents. Tim you are her idol! She knows your songs word for word and she is due to have surgery soon to try to help her walk. She is A bright and smart little girl. I would hope that you could make contact with her for Christmas either by letter or even A phone call! That would make her Christmas wish come true. She resides in Maryland. You can e-mail me for contact info if this is possiable! Thank You

I ♥ you and your music... | Reviewer: Kayla Henry | 10/14/08

My favorite song by you is It's your love, don't take the girl, and let it go. I love your music and I think you're really awesome....
Love You Always
Your favorite fan...
Kayla Henry

GREAT....GREAT.....GREAT..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/08

i love the song "dont take the girl" and im even presenting it to my choir class as one of my favorite songs. i hope you and faith hill have a great life.....well ok then byee.........
love ya

hello | Reviewer: brittany fahey | 5/2/08

hi my names brittany and im a big fan of timmcgraw and i was just wonering when is he going to come to washington state ? and also i was wondering when he is going to make another cd ? if u wanna give me that information plz contact me at thanks and hae a good day .

Happy Birthday | Reviewer: Kate | 5/1/08

Happy Birthday:) I would like to say my husband and I are HUGE fans of Tim & Faith. Our wedding song is I Need You. Everyone at the wedding and people that know us call us the Tim and Faith couple. Cause we are soooo in love. We love to meet you two someday.

I love you | Reviewer: Barbara Cox | 1/18/08

you are the best person i know. i love all your songs espacially Don't take that Girl. you rock. My Uncle Warren loved your songs too. He passed away with Lung Cancer.

You are a good person | Reviewer: Brittanie | 12/12/07

You are the hottest person that i know all but my boyfriend he is hot to me and you are just a person that can sing real good how did your singing start because i want to sing everybody says that im a real good singer and that i what i love to do.

Brittanie Hester
17 Years Old

meeting with timmcgraw | Reviewer: brittany fahey | 12/5/07

hey i just wanted to say that i think tim and faith are a good couple and that i would want to meet them some day in person or go on stage with him and faith and i love you faithhill you go girl!!!

Tour Australia !!! | Reviewer: Aussie Gal | 11/30/07

Tim McGraw is the greatest country singer, the only thing not great is that we miss out on seeing him in Australia. Please please please Tim, come and Tour Australia !!!!!

power to tim and faith | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/07

i personally dont like tim or faith or their music. that said i gotta give props to em both for boycotting the cmas. tim knows he got snubbed cause hes married to faith hill who nashville is shunning because of her backstage antics during carrie underwoods acceptance of her cma last year. its a cryin shame. nashville is ok with all the crossover acts killing the fabric of their music yet when faith jokes a little they shun her. shes been in the biz for years and shes garnered alot of money for the industry and this is how she gets repaid. tim keep stickin by her and make sure you pick up your shit around the house and you have my support.

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