omg!I!I! tim | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/07

i love that song i love it so much i made it my myspace song and i couldnt stop listening to it until the librain said " shut tthat dang music off this instant" lol well nice talking to yall!!!!!

This song is amazing... | Reviewer: Victoria | 3/4/07

Wow! I love this song so much...It was played at my best friends funeral and it was a perfect song just for the occasion. I will always cry when i hear it for it will remind me of her...Thanks Tim McGraw

i love this song. ♥ | Reviewer: chelsea | 2/26/07

oh my god! the first time i heard this song , i was like , wow. it's amazing. it reminds me more of my grandfather , for some reason. it's just a touching song , thank god for tim McGraw. <3

My Little Girl | Reviewer: Ashley | 2/12/07

This is one amazing song..Its one that when i'm mising my father i can turn on and it brings back so many memories and its so touching....

Real sweet | Reviewer: CJ | 2/11/07

My momma saw the movie Flicka and when she heard the song it touched her heart

I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: marisol | 12/26/06

I love this song so much it is one of my fav. well at my sweet 15 (this july) me and my dad are going to dance this song for are father daughter dance.This is the best song!!!

My Little Girl | Reviewer: Tom | 12/5/06

I danced and cried while I danced with my first daughter at her wedding to "Butterfly Kisses" now I can say that when I dance with my second daughter at her wedding it will be to "My Little Girl". Tim YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank you and Thank God for bringing you to all of us... Tiz

Greatest song ever | Reviewer: Swedish girl | 10/13/06

This song touched my heart from the very first time. WOW, Tim what a great song, who touch anybodys heart in everyway. Loved it! If every countryartist was like you Tim, then I would listen to countrymusic all the time! Many wishes from a Swedish country girl :-)

A song well written. | Reviewer: Julie | 10/12/06

My daughter will be graduating at the end of this school year. I heard the song for the first time and it really touched my heart. I can't wait to share it with her father when he comes home from Texas. This song really hit home.

When my oldest daughter turns 18 years old | Reviewer: Janet Boring | 10/4/06

My oldest daughter is sixteen years old and in two years she will be eighteen. I hope she will use this song as a wedding song. It's a song about how I felt about her when she was borned. Tim done a terrific job on the song.

my little girl | Reviewer: melissa | 4/8/06

what a powerful father / daughter wedding song to dance to on the first dance at the wedding of the bride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and just in time too, as i'm getting married on sept. 16th 2006.thanks're the best............