My dad | Reviewer: Bailey | 12/9/13

My dad hasn't been there for me every time, but he has he wasn't in my life a hole lot when I was younger but now he is and I love him so much and this song always brings tears to my eyes when I listen to it. This song will be my father and daughter dance for my wedding!

My little girl | Reviewer: Kay | 11/17/13

My dad and I haven't ever really seen eye to eye and we're always arguing. But I turned 21 16/11/13 and he made a video with this song attached to it. It had pictures of my late grandad an I and all members of my family with me. And I had a party that night and I danced with him to it. It definitely bought us closer. And I now know my father daughter dance for when I get married. :)

Daddy's almost grown lil girl. | Reviewer: Tnkrbll8706 | 6/24/12

In my life music has always been my world. I have always given songs to everyone and every important moment in my life. I could never really find the right song for my dad and I though. When I was 19 and moving away to go to trade school my dad woke me up to listen to a song on the radio that he had dedicated to me. I heard this song come on and the dj said that it was the song my dad dedicated to me. This song has and always will fit my father and I to a "T". I have a crooked smile. (my dad does too) He dedicated it when he had to let me go. And now I'm with my fiance and he still doesn't have my dad's full approval (even though we have a son together) I know though that the only reason is because I have been and always will be "Daddy's little girl".

little girl | Reviewer: babygirl | 3/5/12

my daddy doesnt care about me and i wish he would say these things to me. i love this song so much it makes me wanna cry. and im the most country girl girl thier is. i just wish my dad would say these things to me.

Makes me remeber | Reviewer: Aby | 6/22/10

I fell in love with this song! My dad and I danced this song in the daughter & father dance at my wedding! And my dad didn't know what song I had picked and I jus remember seeing him and he had tears in his eyes! Everytime I hear this song I remember that moment! Since I hardly see him because he lives out of state! I LOVE U DAD!

everything | Reviewer: Brittani | 5/29/10

my daddy is my whole world, my everything. he's taught me so much. we slowly drifted apart over the years. but i try my hardest to pull us closer together. i know i don't show him very well, how much i love him. but i know he feels it. i feel it from him too. i just hope to grow up and be the woman he always wanted me to be, sucessful. i won't let you down daddy, i love you with all my heart<3

:( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/10

This song was played at my best friend Ash's service last month, Ever time I hear it I think of her. Her grandpa use to sing this to her, She never really had a father, Her grandparents raised her. Her grandpa loved her very much.

My Hero | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/10

My dad is my hero i dont see him very much because he works alot but when i do hes my whole world and my hero. When i saw the movie 'Flicka' and this song played at the end, i cried and i know that i will ALWAYS be my daddys little girl. I love you Daddy. xxxooo

beautiful | Reviewer: John | 1/4/10

I lost my little girl just last year--she had died in the hospital shortly after bith due to complications. Everytime I hear this song I think of her, cry and remember God has a plan for everyone-even though at times it seems like you're trapped in an endless sea of sadness and despair.

Mr. McGraw you're an inspiration to millions of people--your songs have tought me to love, and forgive myself, and other people. God Bless you, sir. <><

My Daddy | Reviewer: Stevye | 11/15/09

My Daddy... A GREAT and WONDERFUL man, always there for me. Uncondistional love. My Daddy pasted away alomst 2 years ago and I still struggle with it. I think of him often. One night I fell asleep thinking of him more than usual, questioning if I ever really had a chance to make me proud... I was waken by this song playing on the radio that night, and though I had never heard it before... I knew every word. Sounded like my daddy was singing it to me himself. Suddenly I had no more questions, I just knew. This would have definitely been the song that I danced to with My daddy at my wedding. And he wont be there in body, but my heart he will be... Forever. Love you Daddy ~Nikkicole~

D......X | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/09

this song is the song me and my dad danced when he remarried this Halloween...and we danced this song for our father-daughter dance...yet we barely danced he made me cry through it as soon as i saw that little glisten in his eye..knew he had something very important to say..he just hugged me and told me how proud he was of me and that i was becoming a beautiful young lady which meant so much to me little word like that because my sister was always praised over me...she has a big ego...and for that second he made me feel above all..and to me that felt amazing to be with my dad an have no care in the world... dad if your reading this i just want to say how much i love you and i would be nothing without know I'm a goof but at this moment and every time i tell you ' i love you' i'm serious you mean the world to me.I'm happy your with someone that cares about you as much as you love her...Mel your part of the family..and always will be!

daddys girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/09

I love my dad so much I can't even desrcibe it
in words but my dad passed away from cancer a few weeks ago after a long hard battle but I know he
didn't want to leave me and that he will always love me but this song brings tears to my eyes when I hera it because it reminds me of me and my dad when I was a little girl and this was the song I wanted to dance tp with him at my wedding but he will always be there for me even if not in person. <33

i love my daddy | Reviewer: my my | 10/4/09

my dad is my hero. i mite be 13 but he will always be there for me. he tells me everything and i know some times we get in fights but he stills loves me. and im my dads lil girl and always wil be. So im sayn daddy this song is urs and ur my world love u daddy.......

I love my Daddy!! | Reviewer: HAPPY | 3/30/09

Im getting Married in less than 4 months... me and my dad has already been close... Im scared that one day my FUTURE husband wont be good enough for him then I listen to this song and I realize whats good enough for me is good enough for him... I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

Me and my Daddy:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/08

OMG!!!! this song is amazing. every time i hear it it brings tears to my eyes! thank you tim for writting this song. Me and my Dad are really close now that my mom died. hes there for me and im there for him no matter what. at my wedding this is going to be the song that is going to play for that father-daughter matter what ill always call him daddy:)