Ahmazing | Reviewer: Love this Song | 10/29/07

This song means so much to me! i don't always tell my dad i appreciate him that much, but we love each other, and i know he feels this way! so every time this comes on it reminds me of how lucky i am to have him and how he probably really wants to hang out with me more! so Thanks for making this song because it opened my eyes to soooo much more!

this song is the best | Reviewer: this song !!!!!!!!!!! | 10/21/07

omg!!!!!!! this song is so touching me and one of my best friends cry every time we here it !!!!!! its so beautiful its just amazing me and my sister also sing this together!!my mom and sometimes my dad listens to it with me !!!!!! well thank you for making this song its just so nice!!!!!! p.s. your daughters are pretty!!!!!

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/07

Recently my friends' 15-year-old daughter was killed in a horrific automobile accident; this song played as her daddy walked her casket down the aisle. Broke every heart in the church, but made us all want to go home and hold our little girls extra tight. Rest in peace, Ashleigh.

My Little Girl | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 10/2/07

This song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. I just recently moved away from home and I miss my Daddy like crazy. I sent this song to him in an email and his reply back was "Are you trying to make me cry?" Tim did a wonderful job on this song as he does on all of his songs.

Wrapped around his Finger | Reviewer: Joanne B Aubry | 9/4/07

This songs tears at my heart in many ways. First of all, I know that my Daddy thought that of me. He was just so proud to have his little girl. Daddy died in '68 when i was just 10...So, when i met gmy husband 9 yrs ago, i was so happy that he had a young daughter, now a young woman. They are very devoted to each other. She is the Sparkle in his eyes!

Beautiful song | Reviewer: nanci | 9/4/07

My brother had put together a slide show for my daughter's 15th birthday party. It was a surprise to all of us in the party. He use Tim McGraw My little girl. I couldn't help but to cry. It was the perfect song.

Dedicated to Our daughter | Reviewer: Michelle Mabry | 8/13/07

This is the song my belated husband wanted to dance to with our 13 month old daughter at her wedding. It all makes sense when I hear it. He was in love with her before she was born.

amazing song | Reviewer: Taylor | 8/7/07

This song is me and my dads song. we blast it in the car and when "Sometimes your asleep I whisper I love you in the moonlight at your door
As I walk away I hear you say “daddy love you more” come on i sing daddy love you more as loud as i can to him." i don't spend much time with my dad but when we listen to this song and i sing that it feels like he is the best thing in the world. and brings us even closer everytime we listen to it. I'm only 14 but i have decided thats what i want my father daughter dance song to be at my wedding. this song is sooo amazing. im so glad it was written. especially by tim bcuz he is amazing himself.

"OUR" little girl.... | Reviewer: Diane | 8/3/07

This song couldn't be anymore perfect...It is our daughter thru and thru...Just as the movie Flicka is- She is 16 going thru all of the struggles- and she rides like the wind. She looks so much like Tims (movie) daughter. She has totally broke 3 horses to ride- and when this movie & song came out she had just broke a wild Mustang. I hope that when that day comes that she will have this song as part of her special day!...It is so much "Hollys' song"!!!....and obviously so many others feel it for their children as well...good job Tim!!!...Blessings.

I luuuvvvv this song | Reviewer: Kassidy | 7/30/07

this song is sooo touching it makes me thing of how much I love my dad,family,and friends...I luv it!!! My dad is probaly gonna say this song ig dedicated to me on ma wedding day!! LOL

Great, Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Michele | 7/31/07

I bought this CD for my husband this year for Father's Day (he loves this song)...holding our 9 month old daughter and singing to her, it brings tears to his eyes everytime we play it. He always says to her "We're gonna dance to this when you get married". I actually cry myself watching them together. Very touching!!

About This song. | Reviewer: Kristen | 7/26/07

This song touched my heart. I cried just listening to it. Me and my Dad have a special relationship and each word of this song describes our relationship. This song is sad but touching. I love when it played in his movie Flicka too.

Great song.
My Dad's probably gunna sing this to me one day and I'm gunna cry=[

My Little Girl-Ti McGraw Review | Reviewer: Alice | 7/22/07

This song always puts a tear in my eye. I love it so much. I love the movie Flicka and I love Tim! I sang this song for my school as an audition for a play and I got the main part and was able to sing this song! I will play it at my wedding and will be singing it at my dads 60th! I also love to sing this song when ever some one wants to hear me sing.

my little girl | Reviewer: susan | 7/11/07

You have put my husbands and my words to music! I love this song. We have said the EXACT words to our beautiful daughter as she has grown into a beautiful woman. Our whole family has always followed "I love you" with "I love you more". This song captured my heart.

I love this song!!!!! | Reviewer: Tiffany | 7/11/07

I love this song and I love tim !!!! I love the movie flicka!! I am totally a horse girl!!!I ride at PRF!!! I am going to play this song at my wedding !!!! Me and my dad are you biggest fan!!!