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Performed by Tim McGraw

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Sounds just like another song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/07

This song is a total rip off of a U2 song, Hawkmoon from Rattle & Hum. Note U2's lyrics:
Like thunder needs rain
Like the preacher needs pain
Like tongues of flame
Like a blind mans cane
Like a needle in a vein
Like someone to blame
Like a thought unchained
Like a runaway train
I need your love

Then again, When The Stars Go Blue was done years ago and better by Bono and the Corrs.

I need you review | Reviewer: One Hot Mama | 6/12/07

This song is a pathetic excuse for a love-song. What on earth are they thinking? "Like a needle needs a vein"? COME ON! This takes redneck to a whole new level. They are so over!

I need you | Reviewer: Tiffany | 6/12/07

Its 3 am here and i just got a phone call from my future husband and he had me download the song, it brough tears to my eyes and when it was over he told me that was the song he had been looking for that explained everything... ahh i love this song..

I need you Meaning | Reviewer: Joe | 6/9/07

This is a song about Hank Williams Sr. and his wife Audry and about how madly they were in love. They got Tim and Faith to sing it because it fits their relationship along the same lines of Hank Sr and Audry

I Need You Lyrics by Tim Mcgraw | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/07

The lyrics are also very similar to the lyrics of America "I Need You" as well as the melody.

I need you | Reviewer: Brooke | 6/8/07

another bomb from Tim McGraw. I don't know why he is choosing such bad songs. The worst part of it is the "needle needs a vein" line.

Don't get it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/07

I don't get it. Are they saying they do or don't need each other? What is up with the needle needs a vein analogy, that's weird.

Commenting about the Comment before mine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/07

Oh I'm sure you and your boyfriend
have any idea what they are talking about.

Awww | Reviewer: Sarah | 5/31/07

Ive been crazy for this guy all through highschool n we were always almost dating but he had issues with drinking and drugs and what not and im the poster child for good girlness lol well finally a week before the end of our senior year he finally decides to change his life and he played this song for me when he finally asked me out saying it was the only song he ever heard that fit us so well, made me cry lol!!!!

I love this song! | Reviewer: alex | 5/24/07

I first heard the song when you sang it live on the Oprah Show!

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