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Performed by Tim McGraw

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ABSOULTELY THE BEST SONG EVER!!! | Reviewer: Lacey Franklin | 8/9/07

Ok, so this is the best love song I think that I have EVER heard. It shows exactly what I feel for my fiance. We have decided to play this at our wedding. I hope everyone else enjoys it the way that we do.

Get over it!!!!! | Reviewer: Andrea | 8/7/07

So what it says "needle needs a vein!" That one line is suppose to
catch your attention and make you think," I love this person so much that I am addicted to them. I have to have them!"
It dosen't mean your supporting shooting up!

I'm glad to hear a great country song every now and then...because believe me...I am not impressed with the majority of songs that are being labeled,"country" these days!!!

gorgeous. | Reviewer: sm | 8/7/07

this song is gorgeous. they way they sing to each other, the emotion, the passion. beautiful. the mood it sets, it's very calm, yet very serious. i love it.

our song.. | Reviewer: Cady | 7/31/07

This son is amazing, my boyfriend and i have been dateing for 2 1/2 years and when we heard this song, we both realized it was so us.... and since then, we have learned it, bought the cd and everytime we play it, he sings tim's part and i sing faith's part.
Although we cant compete with their beautiful voices, our love shines through.
It is truely, our song

-------performed by Tim Mcgraw | Reviewer: Megan | 7/31/07

I love this song... I got the pleasure to hear it like a hundred times on a road trip with my ex-boyfriend whom i love very much. and it just stuck and it like fits our situation purfectly...

very romantic | Reviewer: Sunshine | 7/27/07

this songs creates the most romantic mood within me when I listen to it... the sound of the music, the rhythm, the love in their voices, LOVE IT!!

beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/07

it is absolutely a beautiful love song n the combination of their voices and their love is over powering

Awarded the best song ever! | Reviewer: chelsea johnson | 7/22/07

If i ever get married i just want you to know this will be the song i walk down the ile too. Just saying because it is the best love song ive ever heard in my life. thats so sweet how tim has tears in his eyes after his wife sings to him.♥

I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Katherine | 7/20/07

If and when I ever do get married I want this song playing as I am walking down the isle !!! I also love his other song, "My Little Girl"

Live | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/07

I went to the soul to soul 2007 concert and tim and faith sang this song as their final finale and it was simply amazing. the two of them sitting face to face, barefoot on the stage, singing into once microphone and so close that you could feel the need between them. breath taking...

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