Proverbs 9 | Reviewer: Max | 3/26/11

Proverbs 9.17- "Stolen Water is Sweet...depths of the grave". Basically, the proverb is about Wisdom, a woman, has built her house up top of the highest point of the city, and is preaching what true wisdom is. Folly, another woman, is sitting at the doorway of her house and calls and tells to eat stolen water and food, but really her guests are in the depths of the grave.
-Stolen water refers to the sinful pleasures of the world.
He is constantly tempted by sin and in the end, regrets to giving in to it.

Brilliant song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/10

I think this song is about adultery. It's something he knows he shouldn't do, and hates doing it but he can't resist. "the sirens feed my nightmares" - the sirens meaning the seductive women. I think the water represents another woman, so "stolen water is sweet" means that the adultery is a guilty pleasure and "let's drink it in the darkness if you know what I mean" has obvious sexual connotations which makes me think this is about adultery and not something like drugs. He has obviously done it before and knows the consequencs it bring. "with an overwhelming feeling that I shouldn't go in, but it seems this is a battle that I never could win." shows that he knows he shouldn't do it, but he can't stop himself. "Darling don't you know,
the water is poison."
and I say!
"Come on and give me my poison." - I think this shows that the adultery (the water) is harmful, it is harming his relationship with his true love and will probably eventually kill it, but even though he knows this he still wants it. And finally he is saying "what have I done" - this shows he is regretting it, it has probably destroyed his relationship with his true love.

That's just what I think the song means anyway. It's a great song.

adulterer | Reviewer: hobo | 11/13/09

i think its clearly adultery themed... there's several distinct references to the understanding it is wrong, lies he finds sound almost sincere so much its hard to hate, he gives in knowing he shouldnt, and when his true love calls his mind can't help but from say give me my poison (saying when he does this, he knows its wrong to go through that door he's been through before and when he gets to his true love he cant help but desire her more, and now he wonders about what to do, wether its too late to save himself from such depths of the grave, meaning if he confesses his sins, or even just decides i love my wife and only my wife, i mustnt do this anymore, he's done that before, and he doesnt know if he can manage to resist the temptations again...

the alcoholism theory seems semi plausabley intertwined, '4 in the morning you know where i'll be - out running redlights asleep at the wheel' seems to indicate drunkenness along with the stolen water thing, perhaps seeming as if theres an alcoholic within him that brings out the adulterer aswell as helps him to cope with his own disappointing behavior... its kind of unclear as to wether or not he's really indicating that alcoholism has an effect on his adultery issues or not though... no indication of blaming alcohol, or whatnot...

but it is indeed a good song... intertextual references are always swell.

What I think. | Reviewer: raisedfistrevolution | 6/22/09

This song is about addiction. In particular, an addiction that you wouldn't be very open with. Alcoholism, drugs, adultery, anything you want to keep in the dark, but it totally consumes you. Your inner conscience tells you it's wrong, but you still yearn to consume the poison.

What it's about... | Reviewer: Scott | 10/10/08

I believe that this song has been taken from proverbs in the bible...

It's about the act of adultery, and how it sucks you in, and destroys your soul.

The adulterer from proverbs says:
"Stolen water is sweet; food eaten in secret is delicious!" - but little do they know that the dead are there, and her guests are in the depths of the grave. (vs 17&18)

Then the one who calls out to him, "his true love" -that is Wisdom (in proverbs she's personified),
"and Wisdom calls from the highest point of the city. -'Let all who are simple come in here!' She says to those who lack judgement. "Come, eat my food and the wine i have mixed. Leave your simple ways and you will live; walk in the way of understanding." (3-6)

the best | Reviewer: jose | 7/22/08

im not really religious but i definetly picked up on an adam and eve theme here.
eve "Darling don't you know,
the water is poison."
and I say!
adam "Come on and give me my poison."
then being kicked out of their paradise "is it too late to save me from this place?"
anyone else think that.
even if im wrong this is the coolest song ive ever heard!

song meaning | Reviewer: Corye | 4/4/08

i believe he is talking about when we fall asleep and dream. and from his perspective everything he hears effects his dream. if you have ever fallen asleep and had a dream that was so real and woke up the next morning telling yourself it wasn't real. thats what hes talkin about in this song i'm sure of it.

sweet. | Reviewer: kattty | 2/21/08

this song is fucking sweet. hmm.. im still not sure what the lyrics are about but it kinda seems like its about stealing alcohol or something. maybe hes an alcoholic and hes stealing alcohol? or maybe the 'door' he was refering to was an insane asylum. i dont know, just a thought. awesome lyrics though!

awesome | Reviewer: Mark W.M. | 2/16/08

I think this song is about his confused feelings. He tells someone he trusts about his problem, but the one he trusts, hates him.
A deadbolt is also a part that locks a door, which can only be unlocked by using the key. The key is the poison.
The only solution to his problem is suicide.

wicked sick | Reviewer: m1k3r | 7/29/07

wicked tune, the songs about unfaithfulness. i think its from a book or summat. the water is another woman and drinking it will destroy his current relationship!