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Performed by Three Days Grace

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my opinion | Reviewer: veronica | 3/12/08

I belive this song to be about trying to get over a lover by using random sex and hookups to help deal because of the line "ive got a plan, when the lights go out you'll understand." So sex obviously plays a role in the song. "Pain without love, pain, can't enough, pain i like rough" is all about how the person is in pain because they are with out what they really want, love. "you're sick of feeling knumb, you're not the only one," and "This life is filled with hurt, when happiness doesn't work" is obviously showing that something has happened in the past with a failed relationship.

my opinion | Reviewer: veronica | 3/11/08

i have always wondered the true meaning of this song but i believe it is about someone that is trying to get over a past lover/break up and does it all the wrong ways such as random hookups/sex with many different people and how it doesn't help and creates more pain. The line "when the lights go out you'll understand" is a dead giveaway. They also say "pain, without love, pain,can't get enough: meaning they are without what they're really wanting, which is love.

rough sex | Reviewer: BMH | 2/28/08

ya gotta love how people change the meaning of a song so they can dis a band on stereotypes. yea they look "emo" but the song isnt about cutting its all about rough sex which is fuckin great so shut the hell up and just enjoy good music

Why Pain? | Reviewer: BecameAnimal | 2/16/08

Anger & agony > misery
Truer words have never been spoken.
Pain, I like it rough.
Because being wounded & crying is far more miserable than just turning the pain into anger. Anger is a more productive pain. To become angry is to revoke victim status. In my nephew & niece's defense, lol, emo is irrelevant here. Passive-aggressiveness is far more relevant & THAT comes in all colors, shapes, & sizes. This song transcends cliques.

pain | Reviewer: josh doyle | 1/7/08

this song is about rough sex being amazing compaired to the normal same old same old. so next time your "getting your grove on" think of this song and spank a hoe! lol

pain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/08

this song is about how amazing rough sex is think about it "when the lights go out you'll understand" moral of the song is pank your lover

Three Days Grace rules | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/08

I think this song kicks ass. And people who say this song is emo can go fuck themselves. I think that this song is about how pain is better than feeling numb. Because if you do feel numb then are you really alive?

Hm. | Reviewer: Jason | 1/2/08

This is really a great song. As the other reviews said it was ' Emo ', it is definately NOT.

This song is easily about Masochism.
Or in other words. ( Physical pain )
" Anger and agony, are better than misery ".

If you look at that with a good opinion. You can pretty much make-out that its meant to be about a Self-Harmer/Masochist or something.

notemo | Reviewer: jaeslinn | 12/25/07

in my opinion the song is rather sarcastic in some parts: "Pain, without love/Pain, can't get enough"(because that can't be what u want). Somehow it speaks that there are someother people that understand what u're going through and can be there for u(friens or lovers).U're not alone and it is better to remain in the state where u still feel something(even if it is pain) than become numb.

Y'all haters need to quit!!! | Reviewer: Wayman Earls III | 12/13/07

Why can't the song just be about dealing with emotional wounds that some of us experience as a part of our daily lives??? I dig the song because it speaks to ME, period. it speaks to my experience and the pain that I still go through daily. You don't like the song, oh well. But you haters need to step the f*&$ off.

kik ass song | Reviewer: Skye | 12/9/07

this song is not emo no particular kind of music can technically be emo emo activitys are for a reson that one cannot explain this song kiks ass emo or not though

.. | Reviewer: rockgecko | 12/8/07

What is everyones problem? Fair enough this music probably has some meaning to it, then again it might not. Songs are meant to be interpreted by the listener so people can have all sorts of different opinions. I like this song just because I like it. That's my view on the song, don't like it? Fair enough. People can do what they want, it's their own life. If they wanna cut or be suicidal, let them.

....... | Reviewer: Lynn | 12/7/07

I love this song. It reaches out to everyone, not just "emo's" as some people put it. I think the song is about being in an abusive relationship where you know the person doesn't love you, but you love them, so you stay because you think that if they wont give you love that pain will have to be enough. That's what I think about everytime I hear this song. This song means so much to me, because it has so much meaning.

Common Sense | Reviewer: Joseph | 12/3/07

I'm emo, and this isn't emo music. This is rather annoying music that tries to reach out to everyone. Comments on emos here are very arrogant and uneducated, because if you're not emo, its not in your mental capability to understand us. Cutting, Carving, Slicing, and other self-harming activities aren't the full extent of our persona. This song cannot be the best nor be the worst, simply a matter of opinion and taste in music, the arrogant fool who labeled this as emo, and those who agree, are the same people who fear things they cannot understand.

well my insight.. | Reviewer: Danny | 12/1/07

..on this song is that, pain and love come in all sorts of ways. maybe physical pain or emotional pain, hell it maybe even sexual as this song may throw it into with its line "when the lights go off you will understand" but to think out side of the box for a minute. i think it also means if you go through life without any pain at all, then what have you really gone through?

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