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Performed by Three Days Grace

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I almost killed myself | Reviewer: Fighter365 | 5/16/13

I almost killed myself once but this song helped me. At the time my parents figured out I am gay. I started moping everyday. That is when I went on YouTube and listened to Pain a lot. I would always sing it when I was down. I still do.

Pain | Reviewer: nay | 4/17/13

Thank you for everything hope you can forgive me for what i had said! This life is filled with hurt
When happiness doesn't work
Trust me and take my hand
When the lights go out you'll understand....Nong !

Lauren / Pain In Different Views | Reviewer: Joshua | 3/5/12

I understand your pain... My sister has caused uncountable amounts of pain to me emotionally and psychologically. only the fact that i love my mother and my sisters kid (my nepwhew) has kept me around. As soon as i turn 18, however, and can hold down a job, im going to berid myself of my pain. Im going to escape the source of my pain, my sister.

JEASUS CHRIST | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/11


Pain in different views | Reviewer: Lauren | 10/20/11

I've felt so much pain in so many ways. I have written poems on the emotional abuse my step dad has caused. The pain i get from feeling unaccepted. I almost commited suicide last week from all the pain. And i'm most deffinately not proud of that, but i felt abandoned and unaccepted. I'm glad my boyfriend cares about me as much as he does. He found me with a gun while i was sitting on my attic's window ledge. I'm lucky he didn't have to fight me. I basically cried at the first sight of him. And i dropped the gun. You realize how if at least one person in this world loves you, you feel safe. To be 11 and almost commiting suicide, well that's sad. The pain was overwhelming and i couldn't take the physical or emotional abuse anymore. My parents don't even know. It's not necessary. They don't count my life as a priority except when they're drunk and ready to hurt me. I had to do something. All i can say is, it was the worst one i could've done and i'm glad i didn't do it.

too much pain. | Reviewer: Memento Mori | 2/9/11

actually this song is about feeling and experiencing so much bad things that you get to the point of frustration where you become numb, and hit rock bottom, emotionally and mentally. So you seek release from all of that. And the only feeling strong enough to get you out of that numb shell is pain.

Been there.

Pain by Three Days Grace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/10

I LOVE this song!! i feel numb most of the time an when i feel Pain i know i'm still alive. my bf has helped me feel again. he has a lot of unspoken Pain. I know the root of mine an his Pain. To me this is about friends helping each other through Pain. I just texted the song to him to look up.

Meaning of the Song | Reviewer: Mercury | 2/20/10

On the Three Days Grace official website, lead singer Adam Gontier explained that he wrote the song after going out on tour for their first album, and found out that you can be lonely in a crowd of thousands: "This song really came to fruition while we were up in Bancroft, Ontario, Canada, at our buddy Art's cottage, on Stiemer's Lake. We were sitting on the deck, with guitars, beers, and a barbecue, when this song came to life. It's a song about feeling like you're constantly numb to things around you, thanks to your own actions, and it's about being sick of that feeling. The main lyric in the chorus, 'I'd rather feel pain, than nothing at all,' really stands out to me, as one of the strongest lyrics on all of One-X."

Gontier is also quoted as saying that the verses come from "someone telling me there's something wrong and you have to do something about it."

pain | Reviewer: xxpainluverxx | 2/17/10

i am a cutter this song means just that 2 me im unloved so the pain izz without love i cant get enough i just want more and more i like the hurt im not afraid of bullys anymore cuz i wanna get hurt i hurt myself so i dont feel the pain of other peeples hurt when they hurt me i dont care anymore some call me apathetic some call me emo but im just so numb to everything but the pain

no one good to know | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/09

i fricken love this song i fell in love wit it when i got to read the lyrics its a really good song it reminds me of nick (my ex and current bf)he blams himself for everything
I know (I know, I know, I know)
I know that you're wounded
You know (you know, you know, you know)
That I'm here to save you
You know (You know you know you know)
I'm always here for you
I know (I know I know I know)
That you'll thank me later

i showed him that and he almost cried it was so cute!!!

Uhm... | Reviewer: xRaveNx | 10/20/09

Actually the song is about drugs. Oxynicotine...Adam was addicted...and oxynicotine is a pain killer,you feel numb...dead from it.So he said that he'd rather feel the pain than feel dead from that drug. Get it?

STUPID!!! | Reviewer: chuck norris | 9/25/09

The song is about hating the feeling of being emotionally numb to the things around you due to your own actions. Thats what the guy who wrote the song said so... id say he's right. I dont think it has "anything" to do with cutting yourself, cuz thats just stupid. my life is far from perfect but i've figured out that your as happy as you want to be and you "can" control if your happy or not. so you all need to quit wining like little pussies!

Dow jones futures contracts | Reviewer: Helga | 9/23/09

Could you help me. Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can.
I am from Cuba and also now'm speaking English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Status of growers by dirty funds and analysts of futures, discretion, and due sunlight owners."

Thanks 8-). Helga.

This is not about Satan | Reviewer: Matt | 9/19/09

This song is not about Satan or being a God-like figure. If you honestly believe that then your still a virgin and your hard on is the bible itself.

It's about a preference to feel pain over being numb to everything.

I think this song is basically about being a masochist. In which case a masochist as we know gets turned on from pain, they don't feel alive unless they experience pain. In BDSM they seek a sadist. They want someone to be the one to torture them thus in relationships they seek a sadist.

Yes that bible freak will prolly find all this sick and warped but in all honestly most girls have a freaky side (I've brought out the freaky side in many girls whom originally didn't think they'd like it). And the guys who find this sick tend to have the girl who isn't sexually fulfilled.

there's truth in this song | Reviewer: NeverMind | 9/11/09

This song is so good and so true.
I'm almost emotionally dead person or just so selfish that other people doesn't matter, so the best way to get something from relationship is pain.
My boyfriend thinks the same so we get along just nicely, no matter what other people thinks when we're sort of abusing and fighting all the time. Maybe it's sick, maybe it's not.
"'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all"

Though I think that this song (like all music) can mean different things to the other people, because the context and the person's situation makes the song get whole new meanings. You can take it literally or figuratively, doesn't matter if you like it and you can enjoy it.

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