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Performed by Three Days Grace

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Cool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/07

I Think It talks About A World In pain And Trying To be Happy Is So Hard, So He Trying To Say Pain Is Better Than feeling Nothing.

What? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

I don't think this is "teenage self cutting" and "suisidal" song. I think it is "World of S.M." And it is maybe telling why somebody can like "stuff like that". And you can actually think that SM is bad and it is good, and still this says something.

LOV3 | Reviewer: Kelley | 11/24/07

i view this song,as not an emo song, but a song with meaning. Wether u r emo or not im sure u can get meaning out of this...The meaning i get is that the world is full of pain,and love,and that when put together create misery... i would know... but all the same to all u ppl who think that emo kids r all just suisidal freaks who think the meaning of this song is to cut urself or sum shit... get a life because if u think that then ur obliviousli not very smart and need a reality check or suttin cuz.... damn

Learn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/07

The only thing I aknowledge about this song is that causing yourself pain will make your brain release adrenaline to the body, making pain somewhat enjoyable. But still, not feeling? That's CRAP. I thought likewise when I was...what? 15? I know much better now.
Don't get me wrong, I usually even enjoy this kind of emo songs, but "Pain" is pathethic. Humankind is on it's pathetic downfall, really, after reading through four pages of comments, one see that clearly.
But since, obviously you all are a bunch of emo kids, why don't you suicide? After all, the pain will never go away.
"Just never try to drow your sorrows, they'll just learn to swim and then, you have a real problem."

sweet | Reviewer: lover gyrl | 11/6/07

i think they are cuz without love there would be a lot of pain in the world but any way i love this song

impressive lyrics, nice beat | Reviewer: hny | 10/21/07

it's true that everything in this world is filled with pain.
no happiness is everlasting--and at the end we'll face dead.
all happiness was surrounded by bigger pain--and some of us don't want to realise this.
so don't see "pain" in a small way, see it from bigger picture.

yo this song... | Reviewer: Dylan | 10/13/07

yo this song is tite ohh, lol i love it
this is Dylan email me at love this song so much!!
three days grace pain!!!GO!

....... | Reviewer: Auryn | 9/24/07

This song has always reminded me of one of my best friends. He's been hovering on the edge of suicide for a while, and he was completely resilient to everyone who tried to help him. Finally, I think I may have helped get through to him. This song really helped, and it means a lot to me. S on behalf of Auryn and Tommy, thank you so much to Three Days Grace, Sing365, and everyone who loves this song as much as I do.

my version | Reviewer: me | 9/24/07

empty.did u ever felt like that? i'd prefer to be hurt ...
thats the reason why some kids cut their wrists ,so they can get a distraction from the pain/emptiness inside[the song is about pain vs. emptiness,but in some cases kids cut themselves to substitute the pain inside with the one outside].
[nope i do NOT cut my wrist ,not healthy.]
anyways ...the song is more or less about pain and it says that pain ,in the end ,is not such a bad thing.[u learn more from pain than u do from being happy ]
p.s. the song is a masterpiece =p~!

I'd put a title here, but you'd expect that. | Reviewer: Hunter | 9/11/07

This is a really amazing song. I recently bought the One X album after hearing Animal I Have Become and Never Too Late, and fell in love with this song. The lyrics are deep and only if you put yourself deep into it just like with Never Too Late, will you get the meaning.

It's better to feel nothing | Reviewer: Sobakus | 9/7/07

It's just all sweet romantic talk. But when you fell so much pain every day, as I do, you'll understand that though it sounds romantic etc but you wouldn't agree. If I had a choice of feeling pain or nothing at all, I'd choose the last one. Sometimes I just wish they'd put my brain inside a mechanical body. So that I wouldn't fell that fucking pain anymore. So I wouldn't need to worry about anything. So I would live as long as possible. And by the time my brain would start dying, I wish there were some technologies to transfer the data from my old brain to the new one. And if I'd get tired of being a cyborg, maybe they could transfer the data from my brain to the new brain in the new body. No, I don't fear death, I just want to see how it will be in the future, I want to know as more as possible about everything. If I'll die, I'll die. There will be nothing. Just nothing.

This site ROCKS!!! | Reviewer: The Mighty Quinn | 8/6/07

I looked EVERYWHERE for this song. Three Days Grace "Pain". It was SO quick here. I did a search by phrase and it popped right up! Then I went crazy and started testing the found my song EVERY TIME!!! Adam Sandler "Medium Pace". That is an obscure song. Thanks!

love | Reviewer: just me | 8/1/07

i love this song, so much i even got the tatoo :) pain is better than nothing at all. its hard for alot of people to understand that, but coming from a background of pain, it rings true. the pain of getting the tatoo was good because it made my inner pain feel real. im glad i will have this mark forever<333

. | Reviewer: Inkette | 7/14/07

He promises her when the lights go out, he will help her understand.
This song is about sex. You are all right in saying that the pain is certainly replacing the emptiness.
When your heart is broken, there is a sense of emptiness. He sees that this girl has the same empty feeling, and he wants to help her replace that the same way he does.
The lifestyle of s&m is based completely on this. The pain is a pleasure, because we have the ability to use our minds, endorphines course our bodies and yes, there is a pleasure in relaxing and enjoying pain. Getting tattooed can give this same sense of pain that feels good. Not everyone can enjoy this, only the ones who need that emptiness filled.
This is just my own interpretation, but it's based on a little knowledge in the art of pain.

beautiful | Reviewer: maarten | 7/15/07

first of all, gotta say i love it. seriously. secondly, you can even see a bit of christianity in it. the one taking you by the hand, could be a beloved person, your (girl)friend, but also God. anyways, doesn't really matter much :) this is a beautiful song!!! reflects me

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