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Performed by Three Days Grace

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People. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/07

Look, there are people in the states that want to kill themselves, my girlfriend for one use to. I've gotten that down to a minimum. Those who say no one in the world could be suicidal need to take a better look at the world before they open their mouths. Thank you.

big headed a little too big headed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/07

how can people kill themselves? have you ever had everything you've ever loved crash down around you? have you ever seen a loved one die? have you ever just given up? people kill themselves for personal reasons that we will never know. how can you ridicule the dead?! get a life pal

true dat | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/07

yessir. it may seem ridiculous to some people that Americans (whoever started this thing is retarded)might want to kill themselves, but yeah, they have TIME to contemplate and many have their basic needs. so piss off, that's really naive of someone to say that (how old are you anyway? gosh!) :)

to "big head" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/07

Truly, posessions often aren't big factors in suicide contemplation, as you seem to believe. In fact, since Americans tend to have so many posessions makes it so that we don't have to worry about those needs, like food and shelter, therefore, we are able to think about what it is that we are living for. food ... check, water ... check, shelter ... check, do I have love? do I have friendship? do I have any emotional support? no. Once the basic needs are cared for, humans NEED emotional contact to live for.

Also, why in the world did this become a debate over American people? Nowhere in the song is America mentioned. Not to mention TDG is from Canada.

what? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/07

ok, so that person talking about how could neone in america want to kill themselves? yah? uhmmm, I have many friends who have been in that position, and uhm, not to mention myself, and also, it's not about the items, or money, you definately need to think before you say something!! There is pain and hurt and agony all around the world!

Meh? | Reviewer: Trent | 11/12/07

I think this band is mad, the songs vary in their hardness of rock, but their lyrics still seem the same somehow, but I don't care 'cos this band rocks!

umm yeah... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/07

Okay some1 said how can ne1 in america have a crap enough life to kill themselves... yeah umm not EVERY1 has access to all the great stuff you listed. Some people are abused by their relatives, end up on the streets for w.e reason... lots of bad stuff could happen. But that said this isn't just about killin urself. Its talkin about how even when things looks really bad as long as ur alive there's still a chance for you to turn it around.

to luvin life | Reviewer: destiny | 11/8/07

this is the best song ever sung by three days grace...
well iono.
cuz there are a lot of great ones.
but chea[it means exactly that to me]
what you were talkin about.
i just could never actually explain it.
nice way of sayin it tho.
great song

i love it<3 | Reviewer: Ginger | 11/8/07

wow, ive loved this song ever since i heard it! its not about being emo or anything like that, everyone has gone through something like this at least once in their life. What makes it a good song is that people can relate to it and really get the feel for it. Songs made like that are usually the best and kudos to this song because its the best song ive heard so far..! I LOVE IT!!

luvn life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/07

ok so this song is fuckin amazing... peepl dont understand sumtimes that the meanin of endin ur life may not b that xactly it may mean that u wanna end the life u were once livin or it has 2 end n that may b u were in luv a person that completely fucked u ova n u take a likin 2 this song bc u sit n smile evryday sayin itll b alright but deep down inside u kno ur not... peepl can take music in different ways n they can also ignore the lyrics n jus listen n luv.... but all that matters is this is a kickass song n my x can go fuck himself... nuff said... thx

mhm..! | Reviewer: Kayla | 10/18/07

this song is totally awsome <3 i've loved it since the first time it came on totally explaines everything;; about myself

Awesome | Reviewer: Clint | 10/17/07

This song rocks! I really don't care what its about, Its the way the vocals and the music combine together to make a beautiful sounding masterpeice.

yah? | Reviewer: big head | 10/2/07

Well I like this song because it has nice music...the lyrics are alright i guess. These guys are just tryin to make a buck and the emo-scene is big right now. Seriously I can understand many people have tough times and stuff, but in America? I know there's a few exceptions but HOW could anyone in AMERICA possibly want to kill themselves? We can eat a billion meals a day if we wanted. there's a mcdonolds around every corner...not to mention a grocery store. We have beds to sleep in, running water, television, INTERNET, entertainment...etc, etc, etc. We often take these things for granted. The majority of people in this world don't even get 3 meals a day. Many don't even get clean water. There's kids in Sudan under GENOCIDE. they're running from rebels, because if they knew they get caught they're going to be forced into a world of killing and violence. If they cry, they get their heads blown off. And yet they still dance and sing and have fun. So how can WE say OUR lives suck and are bad enough to kill ourselves?

never too late | Reviewer: lalala | 9/29/07

ok this song is really good but i don't get the video that her dad that ended raping her or whatever...or someone who took her in after her parents died?

BOMB! Baby | Reviewer: lola | 9/25/07

i can not believe how much i f-in love this song its like my top ten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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