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Performed by Three Days Grace

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OMG | Reviewer: Rachel | 8/11/07

I love this song, IT'S SO AWESOME! THREE DAYS GRACE IS AWESOME TOO! :D They rule! All their lyrics sorta relate to me in a way....

Let It Die | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/07

this song is makes you think your the only person really trying and the other person isn't and doesn't really its like throwing it back at them like i tried you didn't you gave up so now i dont care about you anymore it's awesome song..

Opinion of the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/07

Thisss songg iss soo freakinn' kool! I like it some much.. the rithym, the lyrics, everything.. amazing song.. perfectly for dedicating this song for an ex.. if you love her a lot.. dedicate this song to her and the message of this song.. will make her think a lott jaja.. enjoy it =P

ehh. | Reviewer: Jorji | 6/15/07

In the first verse, it should be 'I just don't wanna hear it anymore' rather than 'I just don't love you anymore'

Love this song. Three Days Grace are amazing.

let it die - tdg | Reviewer: biroismyhero | 6/8/07

i really like this song, I sent the lyrics to my ex boyfriend. it's so truem they don't understand that we didn't do it on purpose!

hey this is shoaib | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/07

i really like this song and especially the part 'i swear i never...'
and this song really has meaning in it and reminds me of my life....
i love three days grace....they are my favourite

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