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Performed by Thousand Foot Krutch

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About the sng This is a cll By Thousand foot krutch. | Reviewer: Brittni fournier | 7/14/07

Okay, yeah this song made me depressed at first, but thats because i made it make me like that. You listen to the sound of the music at first and go all depressive. But then i looked at the lyrics and found tthe first part is exacty like me, in everyway. Noone ever understands me. i always think i'm strong but i fall down and call out to my lover chris, and he always picks me up and helps me through thick or thin. and well yeah i just really lve you guys for making this song.. it did me some good i got to thinking. and well yeah. Thank you SO frigen much, you did me a HUGE favor. E-mail me sometime f yo get a chance.

Signed . Brittni ann Fournier.

this song really hits home | Reviewer: some odd girl | 5/18/07

Like the guy earlier I feel like the girl is basically me.. It sounds like a song about me and well I know it isn't but its so close to my life thats its scary. My friends all think I'm so stong but I'm not most of the time I have to make myself smile. I act like I'm okay but I'm not and well when I try and talk to my friends they don't understand. And the part of the song that says her mom liyin sick with cancer really hits home my mom last year got cancer and she survived but it was pretty bad. I really feel like no one gets me and well I don't want to hide anymore so I think that since I heard this song I'm going to talk to my friends and try and not hide.

This is a call | Reviewer: Mid | 5/18/07

like the guy that posted earlier I feel like the girl is basically me.. I know its not actually me but its so close its scary. I hide behind stuff I never really tell my friends how I feel. and the part about her mom dieing with cancer hits home for me because my mom had cancer last year and lived. and well as it says her friends don't under stand her I feel like my friends don't understand me at all. And well the part of thers someone out there to save us well I hope thats true cause well I really need some one to show me what this life is all about cause right now I have really no clue.

Touching | Reviewer: Kelsey | 4/30/07

The first time I heard this song was when the Thousand Foot Krutch cd came out and i literally broke down and started crying. It was during the lowest point of my life where I just wanted to die and I cold relate to the personalaties described in the song. I wasn't a big TFK fan at the time but, after this song, I realized how much their songs truly meant.

Amen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/07

Yaa i pretty much agree with all the things that are said i can relate to the guy part, and yaa justin i can relate 2 u

Awesome song | Reviewer: Twinkie | 4/22/07

I plan on doing this song for a sign language solo next year at Fine Arts. It does such a good job of expressing the signs for me.

Your call | Reviewer: Paige | 3/17/07

This is anamazing song! I think Thousand Foot Krutch expressed things alot of people can't express, in this song. I also believe that if you need help, you need to make a call. You need to call out for people to hear you, or no one will ever be able to help you. This song helped me call out for help. And I hope it helps alot of other people.

Danielle | Reviewer: Danielle | 3/19/07

This song is sad but it gets to the point that even if you think life is perfect and amazing there are still people out there who dont have it as good as you do and they need support and they need God to help them through their problems.

my apalogies | Reviewer: | 2/22/07

Yea, I would like to apalogize for somewhat slandering TFK, saying they madee me more depressed, not really, the song actually helps, a small bit. Yea, I can tell now the song was MEANT to help people like me, though its gonna take a hell of alot more than that. Yea, I believe in God an' Jesus an' all that, but whenever I have something good happen, whenever something goes right and I can stop being depressed, my brother or someone who hates me crushes it all, over and over again.

they speak the truth with this one... | Reviewer: | 2/9/07

Yea, that bit about the guy, that me. Its really really is. I tell stories all the time, cus yea, my life IS boring, I hae it when people ignore me, when people don't like me, I try to be as good a person as possible, and yet somehow I screw up and barely have any friends, so now I just sit alone, hoping to God something will change. This song really brought it all home, thanks TFK, for making me more depressed.

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