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Performed by Thousand Foot Krutch

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A different perspective | Reviewer: Teartear | 2/18/14

( Gonna get this party started! )
Awaken the sleepers
it's all around me,
and I can't wish this away,
you so amaze me,
you took my monster away (and away.. x3 )
The Deception and, Propaganda maintaing lies. Amazed of being woken up and their monster the peacefull deception is gone.
Wake me c'mon, wake up now I,
want to cut all my strings and break!
Loose of youre control of me,
cut your strings and be free with me!
Wake me, yeah, wake up now I,
want to cut all my strings and break!
Loose of youre control of me,
cut your strings and be free with me!
(bridge )
Stop bein their puppet by ignorance and, wake up and, take a stand
shake your body,
lift your hands, stop frontin'
you're just a puppet, (x2)
Move at your own will and, stand you can't for they control the system and, your trying to go through change legally but you can't for the'll shoot you down.
to all the marionettes
( Ch: )

If you're gonna run how fast you gonna run?
and if you're gonna jump how high ya gonna jump?
all you perpetrators be walkin' round frontin'
To all the main puppets mostly head puppets. what your gonna do against your masters your a dog on a leash.
you fakers afraid to stand for something?
If you're gonna run how fast you gonna run?
and if you're gonna jump how high ya gonna jump?
all you perpetrators be walkin' round frontin'
won't you stand up and break me off somethin'
People who say their free why your so hesitant if you are.
and, if your so attention grabby you should get Me attention to spread the message.

You wanna make it outta sight?
somebody wanna get loud tonight?
we can hit that, flip that, settle the score,
'n' ain't nobody rock a crowd like this before,
and ya wanna make it outta sight?
If you want to be not watched by the NSA and Homeland security.
If you want so say what you want to say then ya gotta start and,
You gotta change the quo to Equality & Freedom.
somebody wanna get loud tonight?
like an earthquake, let it shake, make the floor vibrate,
Krutch y'all back to set the record straight!
Somebody wants to change the status Quo.
A impact of that will wake the sleeping so they over throw the puppets.

All y'all people, listen, it's on,
Krutch marauders we on a mission,
hittin' ya with the air ammunition,
at war with the puppet master,
I'll bring it on if I had' ta,
rip it 'n' leave the whole scene shattered,
like chik, chik, blaow! What do ya think of me now?
I'm lettin' my dawgs out,
makin' it loud so hear me shout, what?,
we be comin' laced with bass,
hit the place with no trace,
when we rock this space!
Comin with a army of the awaken to take it back from the Deceivers.
to all the people still sleepin'
To the ones who yet to know self evident though lol

Update | Reviewer: Michael Voelker | 10/17/12

Hey it's Michael Voelker again just wanted 2 say this our band name radiation has been changed it kinda sucked but it is now prob goin 2 b revolution but I'm not positive yet oh and U ROCK TFK !!! Keep it up ur new cd is awsome

Reverse engineer dude and atheist's r stupid | Reviewer: #1 christian rock and rap fan | 9/3/12

Ok 1 look tfk is TOTALLY awsome they rock along with alot of others like lecrae and skillet ,disciple ,especially switchfoot !!!!! But anyways God is totally reall u atheist and crap and obviously da devil is da puppet master and God sets u free but anyways this song rocks and uk I hope u guys will hear from me soon cuz I hav a band with 1 of da best guitar players ever ...michael miller I am michael Voelker I am da lead singer plus guitar player my bands name is radiation and those bands I mentioned above r alot of our influences and playing styles so ya

reverse engine | Reviewer: jhon | 3/5/11

being a puppet, getting loose, being free, waking up, being controlled.

oh man, if its a christian song it can be reversed

"hittin' ya with the air ammunition,
at war with the puppet master,"

on my opinion god may be the puppet master, god can be the one trying to control you, he wants u to workship him or else ur going to fire. to avoid fire u gota waste ur life, never do anything fun, only workship him.

this song is great, but its christian hardcor if u ask me, a little bit extremist and angry, like those guys that is going to knock u down if u don accept jesus... but it can for sure be reversed to antigod depending on the way u see things

My View | Reviewer: My View | 5/1/10


Well, generally I think Thousand Foot Krutch are a bit like that with some of their songs, but in the end, even though it may not seem like it to some, there are(atleast) some religious undertones.

In this case I'm assuming that the "Puppet Master" is Satan, playing with peoples lives, trying to control them etc. At the start you see "it's all around me", "you so amaze me, you took my monster away". That's referring to God's presence and power, and referring to him saving us(them, him, w/e) from the Devil(I assume).

Anyway I won't rant on, but I do see it as religious with them trying to put forward a message about not letting yourself be controlled by evil and such(although, I guess it depends on the listener's view).

Seriously? Religion? | Reviewer: Gaki | 11/20/09

Idk if this should qualify as a religious song, it sounds more like punk rock to me. I'm athiest, so I don't really care wither way, but I don't really get any religious message, just regular ones for everyone... 0.o Does that make sense?

Listen up! | Reviewer: Puppet Master | 3/15/09

My friends call me the Puppet Master for some reason... they say it's because i sing this song a lot... this is my #1 fav. song by TFK tied with "Favorite Disease" and "What Do We Know?". Don't u all cursers ruin ur life with bad tounge use! If ulike this song this ban and our God then don't swear! follow the Commandments(not just the main 10!).

hm.... | Reviewer: kawaiidesu | 12/27/08

I think this song is trying to tell people to stand for themselves,and to stop being controlled by others. Because today,we loose our individuality when we try to fit in. I think (that's only my opinion) that he says we should be ourselves.

Sweet song : ) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/08

Thousand Foot Krutch, I think, is the only Christian rock band I find myself listening to all the time. They have intricate meanings behind their songs, that are executed in the most addicting melodies (i.e., nu metal, rapcore, punk).

Hence the song, "Puppet." It's a favorite of mine, along with "Move," "Phenomenon," "Rawkfist" and "Breathe You In." A lot of people, when I let them listen to "Puppet," often believe that this song is primarily about breaking free from the influence of immorality and sin, or Satan. I have to say that I don't think it's that simple.

"It's all around me,
And I can't wish this away
You so amaze me,
You took my monster away..."

In the beginning, it's about Trevor (the lead singer) realizing the mercy and salvation God has given to anyone who is willing to accept it and how wonderful it feels.

"...Wake me! C'mon, wake up now, I
Want to cut all my strings and BREAK!
Loose of your control of me,
Cut your strings and be free with me!"

Awe-inspired by this realization, he insists others to join him in the e3nlightment given to them.

Shake your body
Lift your hands, stop frontin'
You're just a puppet..."

He's talking about all the poser Christians; people who seem to praise God, say and do all the right things, but don't mean any of it.

All in all, it's a beautiful song. It's kinda like a rapcore epiphany. Rule on, TFK! :D

sick song but... | Reviewer: B-rad | 11/6/07

o come on arny this is a christian band enough with the cussing...i still admire this song but enough the rewiews with cussing... back to my piont of writing this... this song rocks!!!!! and if you are a head banger...
THROUGH UP YOUR RAWKFIST and listen to the beat


Puppet! ~Thousand Foot Krutch | Reviewer: T.C. | 8/14/07

I love this song. I'm so sure what it's about. But I like it. It's very catchy and Thousand Foot Krutch always has songs that make you think and try to understand what they're about. Love them!

great song but aryn gave a bad review | Reviewer: SYDNEY | 7/31/07

but there allso a christian band who dont appreciate when they get reviews with cussing in it. its not of god

pimpalicious | Reviewer: aryn | 2/14/07

like lil john made krunk the energy soda and nelly Pimp juicde the ghetto kool aide these guys have their own kickass brand of music its a heavy sounding that tickels the senses into OH WHAT AM I SAYING THIS IS HEAD BANGING GOODNESS PEOPLE LISTEN TO THIS S&#T

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