My Best Friend | Reviewer: Big E | 7/10/10

This song gets to me every time I hear it, and it usually makes me cry. My best friend is going away to college, while I will only be a senior in high school next year. I think about how our relationship feels (to me) like it's slipping away already, and I think soon enough after being away from me for awhile, he will completely forget about me and all the good times we had. "How's it going to be when you don't know me anymore?" is the line that fits perfectly here.

a | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/10

Look at it like this. If your best friend is truely your best friend, he will understand and will still be there for you like he was before, it just may take a hell of a long time. and its going to be extremely hard it will be to accept he can't have you and worst to see you with someone else. It's hard to be close friends to someone who your in love with because it can tear you apart, especially jelousy, but usually the guy mostly stick around because he has hope. if you break up with him it will be extremely painful for him and he'll have a very hard time accepting. so it may never be the same, ever. until he accepts it and moves on. but you have to do what's good for you too, don't stick yourself in a situation that you don't want to be in, and if you don't want to be with him you have to move on. So yes, there may be no good outcome for him if you break up with him, but tell him everything of how you feel. once he understands completely he'll be there for you but don't lead him on in any way, and sometimes it just gets even harder because you have to distance yourself from him and it makes him feel even worst. But once he realizes there's more girls out there, and doesn't dwell on just one girl, he'll get over it. But until then, it won't be the same.

Best friend | Reviewer: Rachel | 6/12/10

Maddie, I know exactly how you feel! It's so difficult just trying to be best friends because when you care about someone that much as a person it gets confusing on what type of care that is. I dated my best friends for over a year and although it was the best time of my life, now that it's over I realize it wasn't worth it because there's no way to go back to that friendship. Great job for not dating him!

amazing | Reviewer: Maddie | 3/31/10

This song is best friend and I ended up together but reality set in and i know now that the feelings he feels are not the same I feel for him. Hes in love but sadly im not, and sometimes u have to think about yourself before others for your own sanity. Hows it going to be? When i end it. When we dont talk anymore. This song says everything that im feeling right now its amazing. Ive also loved third eye blind since i was little.

Makes me realize | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/10

how my best friend probably feels. I plan on moving out of the country by the end of this year and he told me he has no idea what he's going to do when I'm gone because I'm the most important person in his life. I visited this country for Christmas break and he told me he cried to his friends at parties and now one of them hates me. It's really sad to wonder what's going to happen to all of my relationships at home when I do. I don't want to hurt him or anybody else but this is what I want more than anything. "I wonder how it's gonna be when you don't know me."

How's it going to be.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/09

My boyfriend said he was listening to this song while driving and he thought of us. I'm moving away because I found a unique job opportunity elsewhere but I'm leaving behind my friends, family, boyfriend, and my past. It's scary to think how everything's going to be once I'm on my own. And to think that I'm leaving my boyfriend when everything was just perfect between us breaks my heart. I hope everyone who enjoys listening to this song is reminded of the heartache that may come with losing someone in their lives, but this song also gives them hope that the future will bring about great things. How's it going to be...lord only knows...

What it's actually about: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/08

A couple who's only bond is the fact that they do crystal meth together.

When they both cleaned up and quit the addiction, they realized that they had literally nothing else in common and they mean nothing to each other, but still it feels weird because something WAS there.... and now it's gone.

who knows how its gonna be? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/08

this song is the perfect break up song. i'm in the midst of trying to get over a relationship that just ended and you can't help but wonder what's gonna happen when you get so used to them always being there... i wish i knew how its gonna be, but i guess you don't until you try it. i just don't want to lose the connection we had, but sadly i think thats inevitable

this song | Reviewer: jehova | 9/22/07

i love this song very much as well as the other third eye blind songs. ive loved this band sence i was a kid and my brother would drive us around in his bmw and all we had was Third eye blinds first CD its awsome i love all there songs from Tattoo of the sun to Persephone. all there music is beautiful. and alot of there songs i can relate too. thank you third eye blind for you music.....true fan jehova lopez

this song is so close to my heart | Reviewer: Kayla | 8/17/07

Ever since I was little I've listened to this song, it's actually one of my favorite songs ever.
It describes so many of my friendships, and brings back so many childhood memories.
It brings back memories of losing friends and family,
leaving friends and family, and describes how I'm losing so many friends to different highschools and such.
It's one of those songs thats gets me choked up.
Like, the lyrics are so perfect in this song to describe so many friendships of mine.
I love it