It's songs like these that make me love 3EB. | Reviewer: Erin | 4/3/10

"Bonfire" is one of those gut-wrenching songs that gets into my bones and just hits me in the middle of the chest and, like the lyrics depict, make it so that "I can hardly breathe". It's really his lyrics (and not just the ones of this song, but of most 3EB songs) that do it for me. I agree with Bree (above) in that my favorite thing about Stephan Jenkins' songwriting is that he writes and sings so candidly about his relationships, whether he sets the song in the past or in the present, and whether the song is based on the beginning of a new relationship, the ending of one, or the aftermath of a broken love.

"Bonfire" is just really powerful, and I'm glad to have heard it live last year before Ursa Major was even released!

amazing | Reviewer: bree | 3/28/10

Third Eye Blind, is and will always be my favorite band, the way he speaks of his relationships....this on in particular just drives me mad, he's amazing and i could listen to this song for the rest of my life!