What the hell were the two guys above talking about?? | Reviewer: Rock Snob | 11/5/12

Snob: It appears from the available empirical evidence that person or persons of the aforementioned "Yardbirds" have instrumentalized and vocalized the titled composition with profound contrivance and distinction.


H.F.O.S. GROOVY | Reviewer: CHARLES LEGGLER | 7/17/12

With all dispatch,melodic epitomes are indeed inglotic even in today's nocturnal alternitives.On the contrast the sleevage grants inturnable pintameters of a much needed sludge.

My review | Reviewer: Ray Zib Madrid | 5/21/09

one of the great songs of heart broke passion for another man who is lost wthout this womans love, truly of what made the yardbirds so great.

Author of Hunting Jezebel
Ray Zib Madrid