AND PRAY. . . WE DON´T GET FOOLED AGAIN. . . | Reviewer: capitán centella | 9/18/07

A song by itself can say a lot of things. Maybe in that period of time mean something diferent. But right now in latinamerica it´s an anthem of "antistablishment". . . we are sick of the same f*** garbage. And yes, the streets looks like the same. . .

Awesome! | Reviewer: NH4RonPaul | 9/15/07

I just learned how to play this. I am an RP volunteer in NH.
We need him to win, so we can get rid of the 'old boss'.


Social Consiousness | Reviewer: Ron Cairns | 9/12/07

Townsend sure "pegged it all with this song. It is all the values that were our parents become somewhat ours as we age. Then we see the changes. One thing I have learned is we all have to serve somebody. See the new boss, same as the old boss, not get fooled again, is and always will be right on Peter. Play on

Plus ca change | Reviewer: Ken | 9/12/07

This song works on many levels. Ir rocks, no question. The key point is though that, despite our aspirations,not much ever changes. Message: STOP FALLING FOR THE CRAP THEY PEDDLE!! You have nothimg to lose but your chains - NOW, WHO SAID THAT?

Who's the fool? | Reviewer: O'Reilly | 9/11/07

Sorry, but this song is definitely NOT about Vietnam. It is about post-Woodstock disillusionment. Townshend is feeling that he was fooled by the "revolutionaries" not the "establishment." He's saying that despite the "revolution" of the '60s, "nothing in the street looks any different to me." He's since recanted from the extreme cynicism of the song, but, hey, when you describe exactly what you feel at a particular point in time, it's not surprising if your view shifts a little over time.

THE SONG ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/07

I 1st heard the song in tenacious d' pick of destiny when they powerslide under a door and the part near the end of the sond when they powerslide you hear the drummin and then YYYYEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pete townsend | Reviewer: petger martin | 7/26/07

i think pete townsend such a brilliant composer ,not only the way he writes the song but the poetry speaks for itself in every song ,how the way he arranges it musicly and lyricly; its amazing

Today's Past | Reviewer: Lipe Paíga | 7/17/07

"rock anthem" Mr. csuchmann said.
That's it. The Who is the band of my music anthem with "Teenage Wasteland" and "Won't Get Fooled Again".
I have any other anthems, but "Won't Get Fooled Again" lives in my heart.
This song talks about Vietnan, but it's actuall.
Iraq are our present and Vietnam our past.
Think about it!!


An oldie, but a goodie | Reviewer: Tyler | 7/9/07

Although most of today's generation are into the new stuff, there's a number of us who like the greatest classics. This is one of those. The song makes me want to yell and pick up my own guitar. Love it.

lyric mistake | Reviewer: Mitch | 6/11/07

Great song, brilliant lyrics, but I think there's a mistake on the page...

"And the parting on the left
Is now the parting on the right"

I think it's actually "Party" (like political party) not "Parting". Meh, I could be wrong though.

The anthem of the Ron Paul revolution | Reviewer: Al Dove | 6/1/07

I always figured that if I waited long enough, one of my alltime favorites would become relevent once again. This is not only GREAT music, but also a powerful message. Go to YouTube and punch in "Ron Paul". We can make it happen. We, the People. "We don't get fool again."

The Who in Concert what a powerful memory | Reviewer: Andy of | 6/2/07

I am 51 years old, and I still remember Roger singing in a concert. I am here in Togo, Africa, hoping one day soon, there will be a new boss, and not the same as the old boss.

The good life is the good life, I was born in the USA, and I thank Roger for singing a song of inspiration for all the world. The USA is always vigilant and the world does not want to return a world of Kings and Queens.

Andy of in Lome Togo June 2007

Re; LOSERS anthem | Reviewer: Jehrome | 5/31/07

I take it you don't care for it then? Oh well.

I've loved it since the day I first heard it when it was brand new.

Vietnam was still on and I was 16.

Losers my butt.

If you don't like it don't listen to it.

I do believe they did rather well with that tune though, in spite of your reaction.

The Who is classic, like them or not. ;)

The Teen Rebel Anthem | Reviewer: serious_tunerracer15 | 5/6/07

I'm 16 now but when I first heard this song when Bush was nearing the end of his first term, I was delighted and rebellious towards him when I played this song on my computer. Daltrey's scream still sticks today and now my friends love to hear this song whenever I play it. Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!

takes over the singer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/07

This is the most fun song to sing I know of. If it's not in your singing range you'll never know what you're missing. If the lyrics keep you from getting into it, it's your loss.