why is Glenn Beck here ranting about a Who song? | Reviewer: pricklyedith@gmail.com | 9/23/10

Take off the tinfoil hat and get back on your meds buddy, you're going to hurt yourself. Your hateful and insane re-writing of American history is completely irrelevant to the meaning of this song. If you had the faintest sliver of self-awareness or perspective you might notice that it's actually about the folly of thinking politics can solve everything.

Democrats Against UN Agenda 21--this is the theme song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/10

Great to see this debate here. Of course the song is political, it's not just something they tossed in to go with the music (as someone commented). Globalization and sustainable development are the new boss. Conservation and responsible use shouldn't equal loss of freedom and rights, but they do under the new globalism. For a great, clear, grassroots look at what this means for you, please go to www.DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21 dot com

Socialists Who Pretend To Understand Capitalism 2 | Reviewer: Dave | 8/27/10

To the person which took the time to post that excellent testimony to the truth. Thank you!
Socialists Who Pretend To Understand Capitalism is very nicely put if not a tad vulgar, but one has to know his audience to truly make a point.

Hold the phone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/10

Ok you guys sound stupid arguing about politics on a song lyric site. This is a great song so don't ruin it. About 90% of these reviews are not even remotely related to the fricking song. Shut up or take you're dumb bickering where I won't see it.

This is a British song not an American one! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/10

Sorry guys but Pete Townsend was not writing about the USA!
To get the true meaning of "Won't get fooled again" you have to understand him and Britain at the end of the 1960's.
He's a cynical, sarcastic radical with a left lean.
The song is mainly ironic, he's laughing at us and himself, because he believed in the revolution of the 60's and was fooled. He's trying to tell us that we've been fooled, capitalism turned the revolution into a fashion statement and it ended with Altamont and the deaths of Hendrix and Jim Morrison.
But as sarcastic as it is, its also saying "Don't be fooled again" but keep trying.
It's important to remember that Townsend loved British punk music which emerged in the late 70's and ironically this went the same way as the hippies, fashion and the death of Sid Vicious.
So he did get fooled again.

Who | Reviewer: Flash | 7/23/10

Wow - it's a Who tune - listen to Keith's drums and the wild bass parts and emphatic guitar - don't think about it - just listen. Rock tunes need lyrics and this tune has some. They go with the music.

Polictical debate?????? | Reviewer: PAF | 7/3/10

Wow what a bunch of children. The song is about how one system takes over the other system and everything is the same.

All the promises of new political systems are flawed and are basically the same as the one before.

As for my political views, while they don't belong here, I am a liberal and you all can suck it if you don't like that and move to Iran or something.

Liberal Cunts | Reviewer: Gramm | 6/3/10

@Happy Jack

America IS the freest country. How many prisoners we have is not a factor to support your bullshit because the prisoners put themselves in prison for making the wrong choices. Now, if our prisoners were in prison for hating America, hating the President, and other things that are supported by commie and socialist fucks then you'd be right.

Our racism towards blacks wasn't that much better up north, we still treated them like shit. Oh, and wasn't the south DEMOCRAT at these times of racism? Hmm. See this article: http://thecommonconservative.com/?p=37

We 'slaughtered' the natives because the slaughtered us. Women had more rights in America than most, if not all countries in the world.

Capitalists who pretend to understand history | Reviewer: happy jack | 5/21/10

"the Founding Fathers wished for the federal government to protect the poor and downtrodden from the rich elite"

Actually the chief author of the constitution, James Madison, was quoted as saying that government's responsibility was to "protect the opulent minority from the majority". As far as naming the USA as the freest country in the world. In a word WRONG! The US has the highest prison population, both in terms of sheer numbers and per capita, of any nation in the world. If you go back to the founding of the US, that "freest country" line is just as wrong. Unless you reduced the population to white male property owners. Otherwise the natives were being slaughtered or driven off their land, blacks were being enslaved, and women had few if any rights at all.

To the last reviewer: | Reviewer: Oh dear... | 5/7/10

...Oh, Jesus Christ, man.

This is a lyrics website. Take your political shouting match elsewhere. This is not the place for it.

Besides, if the USA is dead, how can you pray for blood in its streets? (I won't bother asking about how immoral it is to pray for another's suffering; the moment you typed in all-caps, you became white noise anyway.)

Socialists Who Pretend To Understand Capitalism | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/10

To the moron who posted that it is his contention that the Founding Fathers wished for the federal government to protect the poor and downtrodden from the rich elite, I have some really bad news for you. You have most CERTAINLY NEVER read ANY original writings from Jefferson, Madison, Paine, Samuel Adams, Washington, Franklin, etc. You have NO CONCEPT about what you write. This country was established as a truly FREE society, with a truly FREE economy. If one wanted to work himself to death and become fabulously wealthy, that was his prerogative as a freeman in the freest country ever established in the history of the world. This TRUTH is clearly demonstrated by the fact that there was ZERO income/wealth redistribution during the first 120 years of the existence of this country. Even when Abraham Lincoln instituted the first income tax, it was strictly an excise tax, as it should have been (else it would NOT have been constitutional). It only affected about 1-2% of Americans, and only those who earned money through federal privilege, such as railroad owners, who were able to lease the federal land under their railways, and earned enormous profits in that industry, but only by way of the federal privilege of using that land. There are other examples, as well, but clearly, 98% of the rest of America was NOT being taxed. Even when the 1913 income tax was introduced, only about 3% of Americans were required to pay it. In fact, right before WWII, only 13% of Americans were paying income taxes.

SO, this IDIOT makes the claim that it is some kind of moral duty of the federal government to redistribute wealth, and that this philosophy of wealth redistribution originated with the Founding Fathers??

Hey, dipshit, do us all a favor and post some quotes and/or references for that socialist BULLSHIT. The fact is, this country could have NEVER achieved what it did if our current policy of wealth confiscation had been in effect from day one. Even if it had gone into effect at the turn of the 20th century, most of the advances that we witnessed during that century would have NEVER happened, and the U.S. would already be just another third world country, and most likely, so would every other nation throughout the world, since the U.S. would have never been in any position to lead the way to a brighter, more advanced future.


Any government that would willfully punish a man for simply fulfilling the measure of his creation by inventing, building, wondering, creating, organizing, profiting, and for trying to make his world a better place, will necessarily hobble such men, and frustrate them to the point of inactivity, and imprison them in a quagmire of mediocrity. Those men of the mind who strive to create a better world are the ONLY MEN who are heroes of this world, and Obama, Bush I & II, Clinton, Carter, Nixon, Johnson, Truman, FDR, Wilson, and several others, are the antithesis of such men. Those presidents, and thousands of socialists in congress over those ensuing years, are responsible for the complete demise of this once-great nation, and now the men of the mind are leaving the U.S. in DROVES. IN ABSOLUTE DROVES. 3% OF ALL U.S. CITIZENS LEAVE THE U.S. PERMANENTLY EACH YEAR. THEY WILL NEVER COME BACK. AND IF YOU THINK THAT IT IS THE POOR FUCKERS WHO ARE LEAVING, THE STUPID FUCKERS, AND THE NE'ERDOWELLS, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG. IT IS THE MEN OF THE MIND WHO ARE LEAVING, AND THEY ARE TAKING WITH THEM THEIR INTELLIGENCE, KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE, AND MONEY. THEY ARE BEING REPLACED WITH ILLITERATE MEXICANS AND RADICAL MIDDLE-EASTERNERS WHO HATE AMERICANS. THIS COUNTRY IS ALREADY DEAD. IT JUST HASN'T HAD ITS FUNERAL YET.





Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/10

This song was listed as "The Most Conservative Rock song of all time" in a National Review article, a placement which soon had every liberal fan of The Who laughing about how ridiculous that was. Of course, they assumed wrong about their beloved rockers. While Pete Townshend is a man of many contradictions, throughout the Who's career they have been one of the solitary right-leaning groups, and Pete in particular is notably conservative. In response to the National Review article, he said that listing WGFA as the most Conservative song ever was "on the money," and went on to talk about how he always despised "all that hippie sh-t." He has explained many times "'Won’t Get Fooled Again’ is not about rebellion, it’s the exact opposite of that." That is, it is a refutation of revolutions and of radical leftism.

Punishing the rich??? | Reviewer: Brian | 4/25/10

One comment said Obama's stupid because he wants to punish the rich. Said Capitalism worked for 200 years why mess with it. Well, this person obviously never read anything on History. For the longest time, by design, the tax system had placed the greatest burden on the wealthiest class. The reason being was, it was not a right to be an elitist. Our forefathers warned us and set up the rules to protect us from those ENGLISH old world ways. The common man was to be the measure of the society. Opportunity and Democracy were the most important ingredients in our system. Capitalism was merely the means. When capitalism becomes EXTREME Capitalism and everybody including the Government, look the other way because MONEY speaks, then the people are prey to the PREDITORY Elite and Powerful. This is one of the fundamental reasons for Government. To protect the masses from being unfairly preyed upon. Stop Feeling Sorry for the "POOR RICH PEOPLE" they are lobbying against you everyday to change their standings so that they are above the laws you live under, above the struggle, they increasingly force you to live under, they want to be rewarded with servants, and then they want to be rewarded for having servants, they want tax breaks from our government for sending your jobs over seas. They have no loyalty to country, to people, to ideas, only money. That is the real demise of this country as of late. NOT the scape goat, president OBAMA. Wake up SHEEP! Our Greatest Presidents, have always stood up to the challenge of meeting the powerful elite with proper force and righteousness. It's those who have cowtowed to them, and let them crap all over our system that have ruined the country. READ A BOOK! KNOW YOUR FOREFATHERS and their warnings and intentions for this great country than write freely in a public forum, less you may make a fool of yourself.

Obama is crazy | Reviewer: baldmongoose | 3/24/10

Obama is one of the few people in the U.S. who's main goal in this economy is to punish the rich. That is one of the stupidest things you could do right now. Why is it so wrong to trust capitalism? It's worked for 200 years. Obama is trying to turn us into the socialist countries like in Europe, which will bring us down and ultimately destroy us. There is absolutely no doubt about that.

We always get fooled again | Reviewer: Anthony | 3/10/10

People think that if we just change the government or the political system we live under things will be wonderful and people will be changed! Nonsense- it never has happened and it never will or can. Change needs to come from within the human heart and that can only be done on a spiritual level. Revolutions cannot change people, so once they overthrow the old "system" they simply replace it with a new "system" usually just the same or even worse than the former. Obama is no different than Bush- the Democrats or Republicans get into power, like it, and want to hold on to it! At all costs!! So nothing changes unless in the spiritual realm, but given the anti-religious fervor today that is most unlikely!