Not Fooled again | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/07

For those who came of age during that time, this song also meant skepticism toward the "new" ideas of the era--even "peace and love" as dictated by those who spoke in the name of "the People." Pervasive mass hypnosis began giving way to progressive revelation that truth must be contended for by the individual regardless of the prevalent political or social ideology. This song marked the period of waking up from a dream, or hallucination as the case may have been. An anthem to reality, and intellectual responsibility.

Not Lighthouse | Reviewer: dEx | 11/26/07

Just have to correct you Steve. It isn't LIGHTHOUSE. The rock opera Pete was working on and finally more or less finished a while back was LIFEHOUSE, you know like the modern band? This song is definitely written with a 60's/70's youth mentality, but in the end I think it just tells all of the politicians to leave well enough alone and I'm beginning to feel that is the answer.

Meet the new boss same as the old boss | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/07

I grew up in the 60's 70's ...this is a powerful phrase. I really forgot about this verse until I watched the movie * Lions to Lambs* this past week.Most likely goes over many heads. Brings back the real meaning of the verse.. NOTHING has changed in the White House with ,,,, Sherry 58

Down with the new boss, the old boss, all the rest... | Reviewer: Coyote | 11/26/07

Of course a song can mean many things, like any work of art. To me, this song is about disillusionment with leadership in general. It talks of revolution, how people fight for change but their rulers always end up just as bad as the old rulers. And so it is with rulers. Power corrupts. If we don't change our heads, change our social relations, figure out how to run things ourselves, then we're just gonna keep getting fooled. So in the meantime, don't fight anybody's battles for them. Fight for yourself, your family, and for a world without the new boss, the old boss, or anybody else that will undo everything that folks have fought for. But of course, this is only the interpretation of one anarchist/libertarian socialist.

re."you kids are missing it all" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

this song has nothing to do with the VietNam War or pres. Nixon. Yes it is political but in a fictional sense. if you knew anything about P.T's "Lifehouse" project you would understand

Master of contradiction | Reviewer: Hamburgular | 11/25/07

As somebody who has followed Pete Townshend's career for nearly three decades, it's important to note that he has provided contradictory explanations for the meaning of the tune. Townshend, perhaps more than any other writier in rock history, has mastered the art of contradicting previously recorded statements. When interviewed by Rolling Stone in the mid-1980's he did attach the song's meaning to the cynicism of the early 1970's. More recently, he has talked about the song's relevance to the 'Lifehouse' project. Discovering the true meaning of the lyrics depends on when you catch him.

disillusionment | Reviewer: Steve | 11/19/07

For those who have tried to interpret the song, you're all off, at least a bit. You need to look at the song's history. After "Tommy," Pete Townsend tried to write another rock opera. This one was to be called "Lighthouse," and this song was part of the plot. Pete had a nervous breakdown, and abandoned the project, and the remaining songs wound up on "Who's Next."
So, it's not about Vietnam, and we may interpret it about a song about disillusionment (and it essentially is), it's really part of the bigger plot.
But hey, the sign of a good song is one that many people can relate to on different levels.

You kids are missing it all! | Reviewer: karen | 11/9/07

This song was written in the early 70's in response to the crap that going on at that time-
the VietNam War, the fact that Pres. Nixon went to all the press, his cabinet, Congress and anyone who would listen and said he stood stongly
for civil rights when in fact the man was a total
bigot! The powers that be in the late 60's and
early 70's were liars ("I will get us out of
Viet Nam" (Nixon 1968) and such statements as
"I fully support civil rights" all the while he
was taping phone conversations of Martin Luther
King and other civil rights leaders, having the
FBI watch every move that John Lennon and Yoko
made and tried for years to have them deported
from America, watched Elvis, had the FBI watching
Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix and
many others. The leaders at that time were
almost communist- and I mean in this country-
not Russia. We were all pretty pissed at the time. But we stood up- we rallied- we protested
and we were heard! You kids in this generation

I Didn't Mean to dis your generation | Reviewer: karen | 11/9/07

i still get very emotional about those times-
the 60's and early 70's- they were the best of
times and yet the worst of times for many people-
the poor kids who had to go to Nam- and the
minorities-so please don't misunderstand, I'm
not disrespecting your generation, just know
that you have to keep your eyes open and you
have to fight for what you believe in. All of
us in our generation- me, THE WHO, and all the
rest of us love you young people- just keep
believing and do what's right and get rid of the
people who don't know the difference. Love Ya!
Peace and Love
for the right causes.

'Meet the new boss same as the old boss' | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/07

I believe the song's about the nature of revolution, the first part of the song covers how they're going to fight the system, how the 'change had to come' but after this the song shifts to commenting on how the new system that has taken the place turns out to be no different from the one before. I think the 'won't be fooled again' seems to mean that he's lost his faith in the revolution. Looking

"at I'll move myself and my family aside
If we happen to be left half alive
I'll get all my papers and smile at the sky
For I know that the hypnotized never lie."

Seems to me to be saying that at least with the current system you know where you stand. And don't fight just to be trodden on by a new pair of boots.

it dawned on me... | Reviewer: mmgldvdl | 11/8/07

the song has some political messages to it. that much has always been clear to me. where those messages relate to me is that, "i won't fool myself about none of the politics crap." that's where i won't get fooled again.

Concert for New York | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/07

I just watched a documentary about The Who, and their performance of this song during the concert for New York in October 2001 was highlighted. The Edge talked at length about how The Who dominated the bill. Another guy was interviewed, and although his comments were a bit scattered, the gist was that this song is pure magic in the way it spoke to us immediately after 9/11 in a way that was completely different from its original meaning. I think it's a bunch of post-modern BS to suggest that original meaning is impossible to define---but this song truly is amazing. It was as if it were a gift from God, prepared in advance for New York. But if so, have we been fooled again?

so prescient | Reviewer: RevereRides | 10/12/07

not sure how old Townshend was at genesis of the song... but it's amazing such a light that burned so bright, discerned so much, and rendered so much to an adoring base could last past thirty.
These guys had it all, Daltry, a voice born to sing visionary lyrics, a driving Entwistle bass, and Moon mashing it all together... love so many songs from these guys.... maybe a modern American equivalent was the Replacements? Long Live Rock!

30 year Who Fan 1000x listened to Still My Favorite | Reviewer: crag | 10/9/07

An epic song. WWII?? All the Banners Flew! Where does Vietnam come in? Love the song for the music and words. Is there a contemporary artist writing the same stuff? Pete's WGFA knocks you on your ass! Powerful vocals of Daltry. We've all heard similar messages many times about politicians (ics)- same crap over and over. Politics and government won't save you but they might put you in harm's way for their own gain.

ww1, 2, & 3 ? | Reviewer: database | 9/18/07

i think the song is about growing wise to the lies of the elite politcal class, and hopefully the people will wise up against injustices, especially those that lead to great world wars