NUTS AND BOLTS | Reviewer: IAN J. | 5/2/07

Imagine it's raining nuts and bolts.Well WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN is just that.My daughter listens to hip hop and rap,then one day she happened to hear this song.She was blown away by the power and fury...need i say more? Have to say it sounds better on vinyl though.

Anarchists Unite! | Reviewer: Mark | 4/21/07

So I have a taste for cognitive dissonance. You know in your bones that if we Anarchists could have an anthem, WGFA would be it.


The Quintessential Anthem | Reviewer: csuchmann | 4/16/07

There are many contenders for the greatest "rock anthem" "Satisfaction" by the Stones, "I'm Eighteen" by Alice Cooper, "Smells Like Teen Spirit",by Nirvana, "The Wall", by Pink Floyd,even "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC, but I don't think anyone tops The Who. "Baba O'Reilly", "Behind Blue Eyes" and "Won't Get Fooled Again", all on the same album!!! But "Won't Get Fooled Again" is the Mother of all anthems....LONG LIVE ROCK!

The LOSERS anthem | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/07

Just another screeching "rebel" song from the crybaby generation. Daltry's scream sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard. Classic? Yes, the classic voice of the petulant child... grow up.

23 years from the first time ... | Reviewer: nacho | 3/22/07

When I was fifteen this song changes my most difficult summer. It transforms that hell in to a marvellous days. "Won't Get Fooled Again" makes my blood fleed different. Now I'm 37 years old and I keep loving this song as much as in 1984. Tonight ... I've need to listen it again, as _every_weeks_ from the first time. Thank you to the band which make me the misfit I am. Thanks for all.

Won't Get Fooled Again | Reviewer: KGB | 2/15/07

This classic sports the greatest scream in the history of rock and roll. Personally, I think it ranks up with Stairway, The Wall, and can hold its own against almost any other classic.

Absolute Freedom | Reviewer: Fernando | 12/22/06

The greatest rock tune ever. Beats all pop charts, beats all billboards at the time and nowadays. Rogers scream makes me wanna scream too. Power, rebel and energyful. No words can describe this song.

A Timeless Classic | Reviewer: Enrique Pentagonos | 9/30/06

One of the greatest rock 'n' roll anthems of all time. Who's Next is itself a great album and ranks up there with the likes of Led Zeppelin III, Dark Side of the Moon, Born to Run, and the Stones Sticky Fingers. My only complaint about WGFA is that within the past few years, it has become commercialized and overplayed on classic rock stations. In fact, it was even used as the music bed for a car commercial! Nevertheless, I still enjoy dusting off the vinyl LP version of Who's Next and cranking up the stereo. Moon's drum pounding drum rolls and Daltrey's power vocals are second to none. Simply put, this is a great song from a great album. If you don't have a copy of Who's Next, you're really missing something.

Won't Get Fooled Again | Reviewer: Steve Y | 11/12/05

If you have heard the song, then you really don't need to hear ANY review....Won't Get Fooled Again is simply a timeless classic!

Great classic rock | Reviewer: William "Heavy Fuel" Vogt II | 1/19/05

This is the best song by the Who. I've heard some of the best work on this
such as Pete Townshend did some of his best guitaring and Keith Moon did his best drumming while Roger Daltrey did great job on the vocals and two
screams, one is the halftime 4:30 scream and the other is my favorite one
which is the big scream at 7:45, which is my favorite part of the whole song. Great ending. One of my favorites too.

An old Classic with a new relevance | Reviewer: Rahul Sarnaik | 1/5/05

I first got into the Who in the mid-80s, at a time when they were being written off by all the trendy music critics of the day. But this song, and the others from the WHO'S NEXT album, made me realise what a ground-breaking and innovative band they were. Don't bother listening to the savagely truncated 3-minute version of WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN that was released as a single. Instead, put on teh full-length version from the album, sit back in your chair, and enjoy. It's furious, aggressive, bombastic, but something else besides. And it still sounds fresh and dynamic today. Right now, when politics has descended into even more cynicism and self-interest than in the much-despised 80s, this track sums it all up. Go and persuade all your friends to listen and be converted.

Anthem for 2004 | Reviewer: Joe Falejczyk | 7/4/04

An old classic I have found myself singing lately given it's an election year. Dig out those old LP's, find the CD you bought because your 'record player' doesn't work anymore or find the cassette tape you know you have and play it loud. Sing it in the elevator, hum it driving to work. Do what you can to get people singing the new anthem.