....and conservatives? | Reviewer: Plouis | 5/19/09

"This song is about what happens in all "revolutions." It's about idiots who think utopia is somehow an option. Then they get duped by power-hungry fascists like Stalin and Castro. BUT A STALIN COULDN'T EXIST WITHOUT A LENIN, AND A CASTRO COULD NOT EXIST WITHOUT A CHEZ GUERRA TO PAVE THE WAY.

You're already fooled again."

And just the same, those on the right were equally fooled, but they seem to enjoy it, even though it was the late, great Ronald Reagan who paved the way for that buffoon GWB.

dont be fooled for long. go your way or with the flow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/09

i think that 'wont get fooled again' means that you shouldn't bother with any revolution again. if the place doesn't fit you, take you staff and your family and move someplace else. the system is so strong that it has always been like this. the strong ruling the weak by any means of power, especially corruption and deceiving. for the strong, corruption and chaos is good for the economy and advancement. it has always been like this for ever. there is not enough room on the top of the pyramid. it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll,acdc. So if you are smart enough you will go with the flow and follow the system or else you will be crashed like a roach.
you see, only the good die young and only evil seems to live for ever. this goes in all aspects of life, especially in the city. if you are good you get fucked.

We've been fooled again...many times since 1971 | Reviewer: Zac | 4/6/09

I'm 17 years old, in the midst of my second semester of college. I've been to 11 countries (US, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar), and speak Chinese fluently. Culture shock was an experience, but reverse culture shock is unbelievable. It showed me how screwed up this nation (US) really is.

Last semester I took sociology 101, shortly after completion I read Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World," I would recommend that book to anybody. I'm sorry folks, but there is a good chance that there never be a day when everybody is happy, as Bernard in "Brave new world"

It is important to note that the mass majority of people are content living in their blissful, ingorant, apathetic lives; their happiness driven by television: the new opiate of the masses. The Who says "the change it had to come, we knew it all the long," and while this may be true, what change is there that will satisfry everybody? Who are we to say what change is right? I think the best idea for change would be the zeitgeist movement, check it out on google video.

Seldom does a new political system not become corrupt swiftly. "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." Our founding fathers had the best of intentions for our country. It didn't take long for our leaders to be as corrupt as British colonialists. We do need another revolution, Thomas Jefferson suggested a revolution every generation. Freedom has been woeing for god only knows how long. Our Eagle has been crying. George Carlin made the reasonable proposition that the emblem of the US of A should be changed to a giant bowl of Mac n Cheese, as obesity seems more a part of this country than does freedom.

But people are happy. And if the world were changed to suit the desires of us intellectuals who give a sh*t about the state of politics and freedom, there is a good chance that the majority of our nation would quickly become unhappy. Besides, Nietzche (sp.?) says "what doesn't kill you will make you stronger," as we are all becoming stronger, smarter intellectuals almost purely due to our discontent.

The Who were prophets. I hope to play "Won't get fooled again" at Pai Music Festival in Thailand, where I will be going in 3 weeks. Pai Music Festival is somewhat of a Neo-Woodstock, a good place to meet good people and listen to (and play) good music. Pai, Maehongson, Thailand is a place for all those who can't stand the state of the planet. While the gov't of Thailand is extremely corrupt, it doesn't affect Pai very much. To everybody that is near suicidal with the state of our world, Pai is for you.

Grow up, ex-hippie | Reviewer: Distinguished Hippie | 3/26/09

You can't "serve others" at the point of a government gun. It's about fighting for the rights of the individual - the smallest minority.

This song is about what happens in all "revolutions." It's about idiots who think utopia is somehow an option. Then they get duped by power-hungry fascists like Stalin and Castro. BUT A STALIN COULDN'T EXIST WITHOUT A LENIN, AND A CASTRO COULD NOT EXIST WITHOUT A CHEZ GUERRA TO PAVE THE WAY.

You're already fooled again.

"Real Meaning" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/09

Yes, it came out in 1971. The second-to-the-last year of the 60's. A huge amount of hope and idealism had be building and surging for almost a decade. And you get this song.


"new constitution", "new revolution", "won't get fooled again", "meet the new boss, same as the old boss".

This is a song about the probable futility of the revolution that some were attempting to create. No matter what the ideals, no matter what the rules, those who come to power are expected to be indistinguishable from those whom they replace.

Yes, this applies to elections, but only to a small degree.

And yes, this is one of those song by which the Classic Rock era earns its name. Be sure that your grandchildren learn it--but not too young. We need the energy that the idealism of youth brings.

the new revolution | Reviewer: ex hippy, middle aged observer | 3/21/09

If there was a poetic bent in the author (and all great song writers from Paul Simon to George Michael have it) there is a universal message to the song. The poet speaks for everyone while he speaks for himself. The who were rebelling about the "establishment" but in so doing they were speaking about the tendency for politicians to pull the wool over others eyes. It is completely relevant today. Buffalo Springfield "a thousand people in the street; there singing songs and carrying signs, mostly say hurray for OUR SIDE," in the song that was immortalized as the theme song for the anti-vietnam war generation. So today we are fed a mass of lies about change and given more troops, more pork barrels and ear marks and the same old tax-evading, self-serving politicians, while the people in the streets ignorantly cheer, "and the "left" is parting, just like the "right." (Since the french revolution, words symbolizing the political divisions.) There will not a damn bit of difference between political leadership, until the people change and throw out the current political system and are willing to sacrifice and give and serve others, we will be at their mercy "of the new boss, same as the old boss." Unfortunately the new generation, I believe, don't have the moxie and the self-control to do it.

abica | Reviewer: matt | 3/4/09

Guys, I'm 24 years old and I aint stupid. If you want to know the meaning behind the song it's about the government brain washing the younger generation in cover ups and lies. It's about the people standing up for their own individual rights and saying f#%$you! to the government and what I mean by that is The N.W.O., The Builder Berg Group, and The ALuminotie. Wake up people and get educated! www.myspace.com_infowars Get educated.

A retort | Reviewer: James | 2/27/09

I'm not entirely sure why people are theorising about the real meaning behind these lyrics. They were written at a time of social upheaval, I doubt they are about a certain event, more a vague rebelliousness. I don't think that the same band that authored "Boris The Spider" and "Pinball Wizard" were too bothered about metaphor, more about having a good time.

wow... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/09

Who is the fucking idiot who said this is about germans???? WHAT FUCKING IDIOT ARE YOU!!!!!! You have no fucking idea wat happened in Germany from 1919-1933, and it has nothing to do with the song. RETARD!

The meaning is clear as a revolution, but i was seeing if any1 else felt is was about the beatles. This song came out soon after they broke up, and there are lines in it like "tip my hat to the new constitution" In the beatle song revolution, there mentions writting a new constitution. Also, the line "Pick up my guitar and play, just like yesterday". There is the famous beatle song yesterday, with just a guitar and vocals. Paul (who wrote it) was found saying he just picked up his guitar and it came to him. IDK it could be.

amazzzed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/09

All this chatter and bitching on a Lyrics page???
I do not know what to say,what are you people so mad about?You can't even talk about music without raising 6 kinds of hell? First time on here.I was just answering a trivia question and needed a line from this song.Is this what you people do?

Lyrics Interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/09

I think its about the Nazis. In particular, its about how the German right wing, which was loyal to their Kaiser, and continued to support a German WWI victory, became infatuated with Hitler, who promised them victory over the Communists and Western Europeans.

music is better than the lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/09

You guys dont have to submit arguments about what the lyrics mean. It can go both ways. It does in a way relate to every election ever. But it also relates to no change. If you guys would listin to the music in this song you wouldnt have to argue about anything. The lyrics are great dont get me wrong. And they are sung so profoundly. But you're forgeting the most important part of the song, the music. Without it, the song would just be a poem. You have Kieth Moon playing one of the greatest drum solos in music history. Two unbelievable guitar solos that just rock extremely hard. And the tremendous organ solos. It all flows so well too. You dont get this in any other song. My advie is to just listen to the music instead of arguing about what the lyrics mean. You're going to be a lot happier when you hear this song. Thank You. And god bless THE WHO. They are the greatest rockband ever

to the last guy... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/09

I don't know there. It pretty clearly says left and right there, and the business about hypnotized and slogans pretty much relates. All that's left to say I imagine is .... Oh-baa-aaa-aa-aa-ma... and "laugh about it, shout about it when you got to choose... any way you look at it you lose..."

what? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/08

why do you guys all have to relate this song to the election and dis the system its not about that its about revolutions and counter culture and how things never really change (meet the new boos same as the old boss) so really its not about the election cause in 4 or 8 or 12 or 16 years there's gonna be people just like you doing the same thing

Won't Get Fooled Again | Reviewer: TN | 12/26/08

I was in college when this song was released. It is still as powerful and enjoyable now as it was then. I've read many of the comments and it is clear that everyone finds the lyrics fit their time, location (and perhaps situation). It appears evident that the lyrics describe an essence of the human condition. This song will live as long as there are people who listen to it and yearn for something beyond where we find ourselves, no matter where we are on this planet.