Who Are You Changed Music | Reviewer: andjoh | 12/2/10

The Greatest Rock n Roll band in the World spent more time on the road out there giving it to the people and the times in the studio brought something, new and great. Who are you came out in 1978 with a lot of hard hitting tracks and personal insults to other groups who tried hard to imitate The Who which they didn't like. The Main Track it self is over a fight with the Sex Pistols they had once as per line "I remember throwin' punches around
And preachin' from my chair" as the 70's punk seen was in full flight it needed to change. The Who did just that with Keith Moon the drummers last album. Listen to the album, closely, loudly, enjoy what's in it, it's full of richness to listen to and the Album will remain part of Rock Culture for ever.