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Performed by The Who

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give him some water | Reviewer: astronomius | 10/16/09

well, i wouldn't say "ridiculously inaccurate"... i just found out from some interviews that Roger didn't really use drugs like the rest of them did, as he used to flush the band's drugs down the toilet. and maybe he was, well, a big fan of drinking water, too.

it's also largely a rhythm and blues number, Roger's forte', with a little angry bluegrass through in; definitely a working-man's song,

which was Roger all over.

no, i'd say the lyrics were completely appropriate to Roger.

One of the best songs ever | Reviewer: Marcus | 1/23/09

While the lyrics are ridiculously inaccurate, this song remains one of the best songs that I've heard in my entire life. The Who is my favorite rock band, so that might make me a little bit biased. However, the bass line is so melodic and Townshend's rhythm work on the guitar mixed with his surprise solos is incredible, not to meantion Keith Moon's perfect drum fills.

Great, great song.

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