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Performed by The Who

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Review about Too Much of Anything
------Performed by The Who | 08/22/2007 11:00:00 AM

YOU are great with the WHO--love you!!

I would like to submit a request to use this set of lyrics in a world peace video. It's not like, "we are the world" It has to do with the REAL MEANING OF 'POWER', and the foundations of wars and tribal battles and starvation, and the excesses of 10% of the world's wealth being controlled by a handful of MATERIALIST, POWER HUNGRY "GOTTA-HAVES" Remember the 10% is a world wide group: not just america; in my opinion, we are close to elling the american soul, created under ONE GOD--by whatever name people call God. the Rolling Stones wrote, "i hope you guess my name", and every word is true, and continues. the WHO lyrics to "TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING" , provided accurately after 10 comparison listenings....makes our world a community based on INDIVIDUAL DECISIONS--not cumulative gregarian, herd mentality out of Hollywood, and backed by the world's 10% of INDIVIDUAL COMSUMPTIONISTS. THIS WEBSITE IS GOING ON MY AOL LINK TO FAVORITES!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I DO HAVE THE CD OF LIVE WHO FROM WAY BACK WHEN. THIS SET OF LYRICS HIT ME LIKE A TON OF GRACE IN THE FORM OF MUD AND CLAY BRICKS. LOVE, MAUREEN

Thanks to MAUREEN WHEAT for submitting the review.