Light | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/09

"Baba O'Riley" is often called "Teenage Wasteland" after the phrase repeated throughout the song's chorus. "Teenage Wasteland" was in fact a working title for the song in its early incarnations as part of the Lifehouse project, but eventually became the title for a different but related song by Townshend, which is slower and features more lyrics. A version of "Teenage Wasteland" is featured on The Lifehouse Chronicles, a six disc set of music related to the Lifehouse project, and on several Townshend compilations and videos.


Interesting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/08

It is always fun for me to see what a super rich rock star thinks the simple life is like. As a person who puts her "back into [her] living", I can only laugh. Oh well.

Thanks for the clarification on the title and lyrics of the two songs. I wondered about the juxtaposition of the two name nationalities, but it turns out that was not purposefull. Oh well.

Ugh here | Reviewer: Alex | 11/5/08

It is actually call Baba O' Riley and they are both the same song. The reason most people in that day called it teenage wasteland is because it sounded better. If you must, it was a slang title of the hit song.

Please | Reviewer: Brian | 7/19/08

If you've ever listened to Baba O'Riley, then you'll know that this song here contains a bit, actually, a lot more lyrics than it should. This song is a lot longer than Baba O'Riley will ever. This song is in fact Teenage Wasteland.

Yes there is a song called Teenage Wasteland! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/08

There is a boxed set of discs called "The LifeHouse Chronicles". The first disc "LifeHouse Demos CD1" has the first track of "Teenage Wasteland". The third track on this cd is "Baba O'Riley".

Often in Musicals/Rock Operas similar songs are sung in different parts of the production. Teenage and Baba have similar lyrics, but the tone and speed of the song is quite different. When most people are looking for the song Teenage Wasteland they are really looking for Baba O'Riley. Teenage Wasteland has a limited release and I believe the box set and the Live: Sadler's Wells are the only cd's that have the song.

If you want to verify this do a google search for Lifehouse-chronicles track listing The MTV page gives the track listing for the album and shows Teenage Wasteland as the first song.

Which is it? | Reviewer: Lady Harley | 1/21/08

Please settle an argument... Is there a "Who" song titled "Teenage Wasteland"??? or NOT????

Reading these comments below tells me that is ONLY Baba O'Riley

So, which is it? What's the difference if it is 2 different songs??

Get off your soapbox | Reviewer: Larry Modlin | 1/4/08

Pete was a genious, ahead of his time. Baba was a cool,peaceful man. The Who will remain an iconic rock group. The title doesn't matter. The lyrics beat as true as the day they were penned. With Pete, every song was always a work in progress. Fight over something else!!!!!!

Wrong!!!! | Reviewer: Dylan LaPratt | 12/27/07

This song is titled "Baba O' Riley" not "Teenage Wastleland"!!!! A bunch of punk idiots just made up the name "Teenage Wasteland"; most likely because "Baba O' Riley" is harder to remember. The song was named after Meher Baba, a religous icon and leader for Pete Townshend; and after the man who wrote the synthesizer track.

Those are the wrong lyrics | Reviewer: frank | 11/22/07

Here should actually be the teenage wasteland lyrics, not baba o'riley!!! These are two different songs!!! both were planned to be released in the rock opera 'Lifehouse' which was planned right after tommy, but the project failed. the result was WHO'S NEXT, an unconceptional album, based on lifehouse, with some songs of lifehouse. BABA O'RILEY was released on who's next, TEENAGE WASTELAND wasn't. You can find it just on townshend's lifehouse chronicles. Please, before anyone says, it only exists Baba O'Riley, shut up! you would just be ignorant, that's all.

teh name of teh song | Reviewer: just teh facts | 11/20/07

u know the original release of the song it was titled baba oriley....which makes no f-ing sense. but somewere down the line they made the right desition and changed the name to teenage wasteland. after all...its only mentioned a few hundred times in the song....
...and theats teh facts

.l-- | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/07

i have teh whole Who collection and there's only baba o' rily not teenage wasteland, the internet versions on ares,limewire,morpheus and eMule may be teenage wasteland or baba o'riley but the original released is baba o'riley

Baba O'Riley | Reviewer: beauregaard hooligan | 8/22/07

This song was released 1st as Baba O'Riley on the Who's Next album in August of 1971. It was also released as a single under the same name in November of 1971.
There is no song called "Teenage Wasteland" by the Who.

very true | Reviewer: sam | 7/15/07

this song has big message in it especially in the beginning i've loved this song since the first month it came out

REAL teenage wasteland | Reviewer: Frank | 7/16/07

well, i've submitted the REAL teenage wasteland lyrics again. hope they'll help you. please submit corrections only, if you find an error in mine, and not the BABA O'RILEY lyrics again...

:D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/07

I first heard this song on dawsons creek and i loved it. i love when i just happen to hear it playing on something.